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  1. Who will win the battle of Winterfell?

    Knight of the Tea Bags... you make some excellent points about Asha and Stannis. Asha and her men may survive and actually advance as part of Stannis's army. Asha and her men have nothing to go back to with Euron in charge. She may outlive all her royal family by the end of the series. Theon could still survive too, if Davos showed up with Rickon in the nick of time...maybe. But Theon is a broken man. He cannot recover or heal. Death is a mercy for Theon... so I am hoping he gets to die by Stannis's sword.
  2. Who will win the battle of Winterfell?

    Oh I didn't mean Stannis would just give up his war for the iron throne. Stannis would die first. I'm just saying that stannis defended the wall, defeated the wildlings, united the mountain clans, drove out the ironborn... now he is about to retake winterfell. I just mean that Stannis is doing everything Robb Stark couldn't as far as defending and ruling the North. He may yet defeat the Lannisters as well. Its almost like GrrM is showing us how naive Robb really was, and that it takes a brutal unyielding guy like Stannis to rule a place like the North. Robb could only unite his banners with the dream of independence when he should have bent the knee to Stannis.
  3. Who will win the battle of Winterfell?

    I agree, and I see a theme in books 3-5. Great Houses can achieve victory and success through villainy, treachery, and dishonor; and they often do. But their very lack of honor in the long run causes their own destruction. Instead of heroes defeating bad guys and bringing justice, grrm likes to show us villains that create their own demise through their own depravity. We see this play out with the Lannisters- especially Tywin (who's shittiness to his son finally kills him) and Cersei (especially Cersei). We see it happen with the Greyjoys- especially Theon. We see this happen even with the Brave Companions. We hear stories how the mad Targaryons created their own demise. We are seeing it happen now to the Freys and the Boltons. Devious Roose Bolton and savage Ramsay have trapped themselves into a corner. Roose has reached too far with his scheming surrounding himself treacherous allies where he is losing control of the situation, and the Boltons and Freys are generally hated and despised by all. It wouldn't surprise me if House Bolton got entirely destroyed, and a wounded House Stark is reborn through Sansa or Rickon. So yeah, I think the biggest surprises in the next book will be GRRM killing and punishing bad guys and that "the winds of winter" is actually about revenge-from-the-North type victories. GrrM-like ironies of Stannis being more of a King in the North than Robb ever was... maybe. Something for another thread perhaps.
  4. Who will win the battle of Winterfell?

    Finding out about fake-Arya con would only increase Northern anger and contempt for the Boltons I would think. Can't see that hurting Stannis. Stannis knights don't have their horses and don't seem to be holding up well in the North winter, but their is a lot to be said for desperation. They REALLY want to get inside Winterfell's walls. And Stannis's men that are left too are pretty much hard-core battle-hardened veterans at this point, and are way more loyal than the people Bolton has gathered around him. ANd Stannis's iron fist seems to be holding it down way better than Bolton. Boltons people are fighting and killing each other right in front of him, drinking disgracefully, whoring... they have really lost respect for his command and battle discipline. If you don't have full command of your own men... it doesn't matter what other advantages you have... your done for. Stannis is starved and outnumbered... but he still has the advantage I think.