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  1. Episode is out, finally - We don't spend that much time on the board game actually, since we had already covered so much in the first two interview episodes (episode 92 and 128)
  2. Last chance for anyone to add additional questions, finally getting it recorded soon.
  3. It's a great game, yeah. Try out AFFC if you can for 4 players, it is pretty good (and faster paced as well). I think it could use a three player variant, which probably could be done without adding much either. That stretches the game far beyond ideal parameters as it is currently, but is something of the scale that can match the AFFC or ADWD releases.
  4. We've had Jason Walden from FFG on a few times in the past on our podcast to discuss the board game: 2nd edition board gamerelease: AFFC/ADWD release: Looks like he will be joining us again sometime before the end of the year. I'm taking submissions here and elsewhere for potential questions to ask him related to the board game.
  5. Jojen Reed's fate? (ADWD Spoilers)

    Does Jojen specifically need to die for JojenPaste? Can't they be leeching him like Melisandre leeched Edric?