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  1. Stannis humor

    I absolutely love the idea that Stannis gritting his teeth is him containing his own laughter at his jokes. I will be rereading the chapters in which he features to experience this new and improved Stannis now. (Although I was always a fan)
  2. The Winds of Winter is Going to be a BLOODBATH

    I`m almost certain that it`s been noted that greyscale is fatal in adults but not in children, provided it`s spread can be prevented in children. I could be completely wrong on that front though.
  3. The Winds of Winter is Going to be a BLOODBATH

    I always thought that with characters and storylines converging we'd get a cull that way. We don't need to have every POV that's we've had getting screen time. Theon disappeared for the entirety of SOS. It'd be easy to that with a lot of characters. Sure, they'll be around but we don't need their thoughts. I imagine we wont be seeing a lot of Jon or Bran for a good portion of the next book at least. That's not to say a good few wont die. I imagine they most certainly will. Tyrion Lannister (lives) Jon Snow (lives but it will be uncertain for a long time) Arya Stark (lives) Sansa Stark (lives) Bran Stark (lives but infrequent POV's) Davos Seaworth (difficult to say. I would like for him to be involved in the downfall of Mel - maybe she becomes a threat to his son somehow) Theon Greyjoy (dies) Asha Greyjoy (alive) Brienne of Tarth (dies or simply just doesn't have a POV) Samwell Tarly (alive) Cersei Lannister (lives - powerless and POVless for much of the much) Jaime Lannister (lives for the nonce) Daenerys Targaryen (lives) Areo Hotah (dies) Arienne Martell (lives) Jon Connington (dies) Aeron Greyjoy (lives but no more POV's) Victarion Greyjoy (dies) Barristan Selmy (dies) Melisandre (will eventually die, probably the last book)
  4. Twists that got you again on a re-read

    I never copped that Roose Bolton was the one to finally kill Robb. I just reread that chapter for a third time there and I`m a mixture of despression, anger and awe.