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  1. Bran, the King in the North?

    Owww, very interesting theories!
  2. Arya Stark’s plan and the Twins theory

    Yep. She won't kill just for the sake of it. She'll always have a reason. Arya's not a serial killer, she's a warrior.
  3. Arya Stark’s plan and the Twins theory

    I'd love for Nymeria's pack to have a free for all at the Twins. The Freys deserve it, the fuckers. I don't know if Arya will be the one heading it though. It would make sense, since Nymeria is hers, but I don't know if she wouldn't be somewhere else, assassinating someone quietly and efficiently. What she's learning from the FM is that death shouldn't be obvious, it should be subtle and precise and certain.
  4. The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    I got that too. Also, when Brienne catches him in her arms when he's delirious and he thinks about how her touch is gentle, unlike Cercei's touch which was always hard and forceful.
  5. Bran, the King in the North?

  6. Bran, the King in the North?

    I hope I'm wrong too. He deserves to get out and fly. But I think he'll do that by warging with animals and flying in their bodies, not actually flying in his own body. In keeping with GRRM's style of writing, no one gets so much power without giving up a lot to have it. There's a price for everything.
  7. Bran, the King in the North?

    Dude, I hope I'm wrong and you're right. I'd love for Bran to get out in the world and have a real life. But I don't think that'll happen. GRRM won't let Bran have so many powers and not sacrifice a great deal for them. I think Bran will probably become BR's successor and become a powerful greenseer in the North.
  8. Bran, the King in the North?

    Jon will continue to turn down being Lord of Winterfell or King in the North because he will be King of Westeros, of course! He is the Prince that was Promised! AA reborn! :bowdown: I do think that Rickon will probably become the Lord of Winterfell and will swear allegiance to King Jon, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, titles, titles, etc., etc. Sansa will either become Lady of the Vale or Lady of Casterly Rock. And Arya will... Gods know what Arya will do. I'm still holding out for her to run from the FM and come home to her family. I also think she'll hook up with Gendry who maybe will inherit Storm's End and so Arya will become Lady of Storm's End. Probably not because the FM will kill her if she runs from them, but I can always hope. I think that Bran, alas, will stay under his tree. He's going to be the Stark link to all that has gone on before and all that is going on now. He'll have tons of advice for his brothers and sisters. Oh yeah, and as King, Jon is going to plant Weirwoods all over the south. Mwuhahahahaha!!!
  9. The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    I haven't read through all the pages of this thread so apologies for that. I think that Brienne's alive and that she told Cat she'd kill Jaime. But I also think that she won't be able to do it and that something will drive her to kill Cat. Her story will echo Jaime's because she's going to realise that the person she swore herself too, Catelyn Stark, has become a monster, just like Jaime realised Mad King Aerys was a monster. And she'll kill Cat to save others, just as Jaime killed Aerys to save everyone in King's Landing. Jaime and Brienne are similar in so many ways, both thought to be kingslayers, both knights of the king's guard, both loyal to each other. It makes sense that it'll play out that way because then Brienne will finally understand what Jaime went through to break his oath the way he did, even though she reviled him for so long for being an oathbreaker.
  10. Possible Cover art for Winds of Winter

    I'm guessing it'll be a black background. Not sure what the image will be, maybe with a weirwood face as Mediumjon Umber said? Or a raven as someone else suggested would be good.
  11. Ruining it for yourself.

    I got lucky. I watched the first season of Game of Thrones and then read all the books. So apart from knowing most of the plot of AGoT, I was unspoiled. It's all I can do to keep my mouth shut for my friends though! I've been zipping my lips for ages now waiting for them to get to the end of ADwD!