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  1. Does Cersei truly love her children, Jaime, anyone?

    I can see why she would admire Joffrey for being kind of like Tywin. However, I think that Joffrey has all of Tywin's ruthlessness and capacity for violence with none of his intelligence or ability to manipulate. Also, Joffrey is clearly evil. Tywin, for all his atrocities, can be regarded as amoral, as he does not puposefully do evil; he just does whatever is required to achieve his mission, even if that means murdering innocents.
  2. Does Cersei truly love her children, Jaime, anyone?

    What I don't understand is why she has so much affection for Joffrey and she mourns his death. Of course it's normal to be depressed if your son kicks the bucket. But why did she love him so fiercely? He was a monstrous, psycopathic, cowardly, idiotic, ineffectual, paranoid, merciless, and inept ruler. Yet she does not seem to find many faults with him. On the other hand, Tommen, who is a good, well-behaved boy, is treated with contempt and she constantly threatens him. It really angered me after Tommen runs out of Tywin's funeral, and she gets all mad saying "Joffrey would NEVER have done something like that." Correct, Joffrey probably would have everyone in the sept executed to keep Lord Tywin company, then make some stupid joke about it.