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  1. Click that wikipedia link a shaggy dog story is a story that leads nowhere and ends with an abrupt nonsense ending, and in this world that probably means death for rickon and shags.
  2. Couldn't read the link to what GRRM said about it, but maybe it's just a big tease and he is just dead? But that's no fun right? If it is Varys, then maybe we should look for some kind of Blackfyre angle? Which side were the Lannisters on during the rebellion? I think the "compliant heir for Aegon" theory makes sense. Varys is working with the martells, probably thinks the tyrells will switch once they can, LF has the vale so that's beat, north... Bastards letter? Iron born who cares (prob didn't see the magic coming there), and the he has tyrek to fill in at the rock. After typing all that, maybe it doesn't make sense.