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  1. Ser Gerold Dayne aka Darkstar: Character Analysis

    Opinions are mixed about darkstar, but I think everyone likes Ned dayne. Homie has been "missing" since game of thrones, who is holding starfall in his name? Maybe his aunt? But that's not much. Darkstar definitely feels entitled to dawn, and probably thinks he has a claim to starfall as well. I think aero hotah is a pov to give us a window into this fight, rather than dorne at large. Remember, we learn about the Daynes before almost all other characters, and starfall is on the original westeros map before so much else. Grrm has been building this subplot since the very beginning, and I think dawn is Lightbringer, even if darkstar sucks now this plot is gonna get awesome real quick. Also, starfall isn't too far from oldtown, were we think the ironborn might attack soon.
  2. Jon Snow and the Blue Winter Rosetta Stone

    Do we ever hear of blue roses growing anywhere besides the glass gardens of winterfell?
  3. The Last Hero tale by Old Nan foreshadows the deaths of ...

    Click that wikipedia link a shaggy dog story is a story that leads nowhere and ends with an abrupt nonsense ending, and in this world that probably means death for rickon and shags.
  4. Dragon of Winterfell?

    I think that line is there for a reason, its something involving a dragon, in one way or another, ice dragon jon the soul of aa escaping from the crypts or something along any of those lines, just think it is something important rather than nothing
  5. Who are your top four characters?

    Varys! Theon Barristan Victarion These dudes are always up to awesome stuff.
  6. Tyrek Lannister

    Couldn't read the link to what GRRM said about it, but maybe it's just a big tease and he is just dead? But that's no fun right? If it is Varys, then maybe we should look for some kind of Blackfyre angle? Which side were the Lannisters on during the rebellion? I think the "compliant heir for Aegon" theory makes sense. Varys is working with the martells, probably thinks the tyrells will switch once they can, LF has the vale so that's beat, north... Bastards letter? Iron born who cares (prob didn't see the magic coming there), and the he has tyrek to fill in at the rock. After typing all that, maybe it doesn't make sense.
  7. Dragon sighting at Winterfell?!?

    anyone know of any good art based on GRRMs dragons? Was totally picturing Euro dragons while reading the book, not Chinese. Gonna have to go back and re read some late dance dany chapters.
  8. The Mad Genius Of Petyr Baelish

    Didn't read through all the subsequent posts, so sorry if this was discussed and I scanned over it, but this is my one gripe with the storyline , not charachter of LF, why does the Queen of Thornes trust him? His motivations could be about anything, Catelyn, plain revenge, madness, just because there is nothing else to do in Westeros, whatever. I think that all makes sense whatever GRRM chooses, and it will prob be a combo of many things. In the rest of the books, the political machinations are perfect, other readers have gripes, but I really don't, even with LF and his moves against "The Lords Declarant" lol But why does the Queen of Thornes trust him, i can think of no evidence, and i can't even think of a crackpot theory. I would love to know what people suspect makes the QoT not worried that LF will use his knowledge of her actions to kill Joff as levarage against them. What could she know....
  9. Dragon sighting at Winterfell?!?

    hahah damn! thought i just discovered the biggest secret in the book
  10. Dragon sighting at Winterfell?!?

    This is from the third paragraph in the first Bran chapter in Storm of Swords, its when he is warging in Summer, looking across some expanse in the woods, right before he goes and wrestles some pack wolves for a deer: "The sun hung above the tall pines huge and red, and below him the trees and hills went on and on as far as he could see or smell. A kite was circling far above, dark against the pink sky." What could that line I bolded possibly be referring to? I think a direwolf would know what a bird (eagle, hawk, raven, what kind of birds do they mention in the North often?). And the use of the world kite I find awkward. In Bran wolf warging chapters Summer usually knows what something is because it is natural or else he has some sort of term for it. I know its not alot, but its something. Also, in the first chapters in Storm they reintroduce alot of points about charchters that seem kind of obvious or pointless. Maybe this is meant as a hint to take what we read seriously in the last chapter of the last book.
  11. Dragon sighting at Winterfell?!?

    I just finished a reread of Clash today and this line really pops and is noticeable when you are looking for it. I will keep an eye out in the beginnish of Storm whether or not they mention the comet has fallen. The ice dragon theory is awesome. When Euron has the one guy on Pyke blow his horn from Valyria, wouldn't the ice dragon have heard and went to the call?