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  1. I read it a few days ago and kept saying "no, no, no" whie reading. Believe it or not, I actually picked up on something in Arya's chapter that was just before Cat's: At that moment I started thinking the wedding would be attacked in the night, like Robb attacked the Crag. At this point I was confused and thought Bolton was planning to break away from the Starks after seeing his strength dwindle and either his men would betray them or the Mountain would attack. Anyway, I forced myself to read Arya's chapter, too, and then I was completely dead inside. I thought Arya, Catelyn, and Robb had all died in a few pages. Honestly, Robb is my favorite character because I can empathise with all the pressure he's under, how he wants to honor his Father but feels like he bit off way more than he can chew. Also, to the guy that said the Starks flaunt their honor: all your examples just show that they lived their lives according to what they believed is honorable. There is no flaunting, they never call others coward and try to make themselves look better. Acting according to your morale isn't flaunting it, it's being genuine, it's being true.