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  1. Who are your top four characters?

    How interesting. Arya is a clear winner!
  2. Who are your top four characters?

    Arya Tywin Lannister Jaime Lannister Jon Snow Would be Tywin.
  3. Robb Stark or Jon Snow?

    The only evidence we have that's truly comparable is the quote about Jon being a better swordsman and Robb being a better lance. That was early on before either of them had a chance to prove themselves or grow, and since then both of their commands have been extremely different (leading the NW and commanding an Army in a war is quite different and although both difficult, hard to compare) and although you hear tales about Robb, you don't really see him in a swordfight like Jon. I think there's too little evidence to have a definitive answer. Jon had Longclaw, the only advantage that is known.
  4. Could Coldhands be the Night's King?

    Old Nan said he was a Stark... his name could even be Bran as well.
  5. What will Khal Jhaqo do with Daenerys?

    Well, this is interesting. Kill Jhaqo and have complete control over a Khalasar.
  6. What will Khal Jhaqo do with Daenerys?

    She'll have a Dothraki Khalasar when he gets to Westeros I think.