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  1. How to indicate "spoilers"?

  2. Thoughts about The Red Wedding...SPOILERS!

    I always assumed that Jaime knew the red wedding would take place, though he had no part in planning it. Jaime would have to be a moron not to know that Roose Bolton was in league with Tywin, and most likely Roose informed him of their plans. Also before leaving Harrenhal Roose tells him to give Tywin his regards, and Jaime asks Roose to give Robb Stark his regards. At the end of the RW when the man steps up and stabs Robb through the heart, he says "Jaime Lannister sends his regards",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so :dunno:
  3. Thoughts about The Red Wedding...SPOILERS!

    @Vjott I'm in complete agreement that Robb should have sent Catelyn back to Winterfell, and I think releasing Jaime was complete madness on Catelyn's part. I think I've mentioned this earlier but holding Jaime was invaluable to the Starks as he could have functioned as a kind of "insurance". What I mean by this is that should the war be lost, Robb could have always negotiated a peace if he held Jaime, as it's clear that Tywin regarded Jaime as his only son and heir. What's more, for obvious reasons Tywin would never go through with the red wedding if the Starks still held Jaime. In regards to Stark honor, yes there are deficiencies and shortcomings but you have to look at it in a relative manner. So Robb's lack of honor is him forgiving his mom, falling in love and getting married thereby breaking his betrothal, and not supporting the rightful king's claim (a man who seemed to have no chance of actually winning the throne). Let's take a look at the honor of other houses now. Lannister: Jaime murders the king he swore to protect, Tywin sacks King's Landing by tricking the king, and during the sack orders the murder of Rhaegar's innocent wife and infant children. Jaime and Cersei then take part in an incestuous relationship having three children that they pass off as King Robert's. When Bran sees them, they push the boy out of a window crippling him. They then kill the king and install Joffrey on the throne. They then behead Ned after telling him that he would live if he confessed...and the list goes on and on. Targaryen: Aerys refuses Lord Rickon's request for trial by combat, instead he burns him alive and kills Brandon as well. But let's not dwell on Aerys since hes mad anyways. Rhaegar kidnaps Lyanna, a girl betrothed the lord of the stormlands, starting a rebellion and plunging the kingdom into madness out of pure selfishness. Don't get me started on Viserys. Dany does some stuff that's "out there" but I won't mention it because I'm not sure everyone is at that point in aSoS (although I do like Dany and consider her "honorable") I'm not going to continue my list, you get my point. I actually begrudge the Starks for being too honourable and I think Ned would have gotten a lot out of reading Machiavelli's works. Tywin Lannister's brand of real politik is what made the Lannisters so powerful, but Ned's idiotic sense of honor ultimately cost him his life and put such a huge burden on his 16 year old son's shoulders. I'll end with this:
  4. Thoughts about The Red Wedding...SPOILERS!

    @vjott I really found everything you had to say pretty damn interesting, so I decided to address your issues I don't blame Robb for the Karstark incident. Karstark and his men walked into a jail cell and murdered the prisoners. This was more than anything an undermining of Robb's authority and a betrayal of his orders. Personally I would have preferred he send him to the wall, but I don't think this was a case of trampling on the pride of the Karstarks. The Karstarks blatantly betrayed Robb. As for the Freys, yes Robb messed up, and yes he trampled on the pride of the Freys. Does that justify Walder Frey butchering Robb and Cat and thousands of other Stark men in the most cowardly manner conceivable? I'd say no. As far as the Jaime incident in Riverrun goes, I completely agree. I think Cat acted idiotically. Keep in mind Tywin wouldn't dare go through with the red wedding with Jaime in dungeon in Riverrun. Do keep in mind that in the book, contrary to the show, it was a while before Robb knew Joffrey was Jaime's son. At one point Robb had thought that Joffrey was the rightful king, and that the rightful king had murdered Ned for treason. At the beginning of the war Robb fought Joff thinking he was the rightful king, but had no intention of swearing fealty because he wanted to avenge Ned. It seems perfectly reasonable that under these circumstances the northerners should declare their independence. Now I do agree with you that upon finding out that Stannis was the rightful heir, it would have been good for Robb to declare for Stannis. However by this time Robb had already declared himself king in the north and Stannis seemed to have no hope in hell of winning the throne. What's more we're given hints that if a Baratheon was able to win the throne, Robb would have been willing to bend the knee. To be blunt I think Stannis is a hot headed prick. Robb was just a kid and HIS BANNERMEN has declared him king, it's not like Robb had been scheming to create his own kingdom. Instead of wishing for the kid's death, fight the damn Lannisters, take KL, and most likely Robb would have bended the knee.