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  1. AegonTargaryen added a post in a topic Could the Others be a Red Herring   

    I like this post I think it's very interesting. Many have wondered if the battle for the Iron Throne is completely futile to the grand story because the true story is about the invasion of the others, and this seems like it would sort of reconcile the showdown with the others and the Iron Throne storyline.

    With that said, I feel that it might be a bit anti-climatic if the others are too easily defeated.
  2. AegonTargaryen added a post in a topic Varys has something else up his sleeve   

    I thought I would bump this thread as I've been wondering about this topic again, but didn't want restart a thread. I was hoping some folks from the Faegon camp could chime in here.

    Any new thoughts guys? What do Varys and Illyrio have in their back pockets that will answer all of the questions that Doran and Dany will surely have?

    Why is team Aegon so convinced that Dany will accept their marriage proposal, and that Doran will support them, when their story is wrought with holes and inconsistencies?
  3. AegonTargaryen added a post in a topic Dorne, Aegon and the Faith Militant (WOW Spoilers)   

    I don't think that Doran is in league with Aegon yet. Doran is very sceptical of Aegon, and will be inclined to believe him to be a pretended. Until, that is, he is provided with some authentication that the boy calling himself Aegon Targaryen is indeed his nephew. So I don't think Doran is actively plotting for Aegon at the moment. His friend at court could be Varys though.
  4. AegonTargaryen added a post in a topic The Battle of King's Landing   

    I agree that Varys is prepping for Aegon's arrival and I agree that Waters is Aegon's man. In my interpretation though I think Waters will arrive, the Faith will declare for Aegon, and Tarly will claim the city in Aegon's name. It's not a popular opinion but I think Targaryen banners will be flying above King's Landing before the end of WoW.
  5. AegonTargaryen added a post in a topic "The Northerners will never forget this" - The long term strategic folly of the RW?   

    Just to address the point of Tywin's long-term plan to have Sansa's son rule the North. My whole premise is that the RW transformed a war of succession into an inter-generational struggle of nations, transcending any political marriages engineered by the Iron Throne. The Red Wedding transformed Robb Stark into a mythical figure in the North, The Young Wolf, The King who Rose, The first Stark King in 300 years who laid waste to the South, defeated only by treachery. The Red Wedding made King Robb Stark a legendary martyr, and a folk hero, and his cause would not be forgotten because his sister was raped by a Lannister dwarf.

    Sansa's hypothetical son would only be accepted by the North if he catered to his heritage, and that means presenting himself as the heir of the Young Wolf, and to do so, he would have to carry on the cause. A product of a forced marriage and rape, raised in the south, and by Lannisters, would NOT compel the Northern lords to forget King Robb.

    The Northerners had Brandon Stark, Rickon Stark, and Jon Snow to rally around, and if all three were to fail, I believe a Northern noble would have ascended to champion Robb's cause.

    And if by some twist fate the North was kept in the seven kingdoms, then I have complete faith that once liberal democracy swept up Planetos, and 21st century modernity spread throughout, the North would eventually secede through a referendum, and a romanticised image of Robb Stark would be the rallying symbol for the election. Sound familiar? *cough Scotland cough*
  6. AegonTargaryen added a post in a topic "The Northerners will never forget this" - The long term strategic folly of the RW?   

    Yes I was talking long-term. The point I was making is that the North won't lose a home game, and if the IT wants to rule the North it will require some level of consent. Butchering the Northern King and the Northern aristocracy at a wedding feast, and then rewarding the perpetrators was a recipe for disaster in my opinion.

    Sure, with Tywin alive, Stark loyalists aren't too eager to rebel. But Tywin knows he's not going to live forever, and lo and behold, shortly after Tywin's death, the Northern lords are plotting another rebellion against the Boltons/Freys/Lannisters. And what are the Lannisters going to do this time? Fight the Northmen, in the North, during winter?

    IMO Tyrion's grim reaction to the RW in the show was the right one. "The Northerners will never forget this." Beheading the Northern King and parading him around afterwards, are you kidding me? Almost every great Northern family lost someone at the RW. How could you expect the North to hold to a Lannister king in the long-run?
  7. AegonTargaryen added a topic in General (ASoIaF)   

    "The Northerners will never forget this" - The long term strategic folly of the RW?
    Tywin Lannister was a competent tactician (at the very least), and managed to win a war without ever winning a battle. On the surface it seems like the Red Wedding was a strategic grand slam -wipe out the enemy army, and murder the Northern King and his bannermen swiftly in one night. But long term it seems that the Red Wedding was bound to haunt the Iron Throne.

    In my interpretation, Robb Stark was declared King in the North for a lack of better options. The lord of Winterfell was beheaded, the Northmen thus couldn't hold to Joff. The Baratheon brother with the weaker claim looked strongest, and the elder brother's prospects seemed bleak. So the Northmen said "fuck it, let's just declare ourselves a separate kingdom." By this point however, I don't think things were past a point of no return. If Joff had been deposed by Tywin, Tommen had ascended, the Stark girls returned, I suspect Robb Stark could have been brought to consider laying down his arms and ending the rebellion.

    Similarly, If Renly had taken King's Landing, returned the Stark girls, sent the Starks Joff's head, Robb may have sworn fealty. Same deal with Stannis. The point I'm making is that after 300 years of union, before the RW I don't see Northern nationalism as having been as entrenched as it is at this point in the books. I simply cannot see the North bending the knee to anyone other than a Stark. *MAYBE to Jon if he took the throne, and MAYBE to Aegon if he took a Stark girl etc etc.

    I think at this point the RW has become a catalyst for Northern ultra-nationalism, and has made a Lannister monarchy impossible. The struggle is no longer about avenging Eddard Stark, it's about independence. The North knows no king but the king in the North, whose name is Stark.

    Thoughts? Any scenarios by which the Northerners can be brought back into the seven kingdoms without a half-Stark at the helm?

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  8. AegonTargaryen added a post in a topic Would Varys support Jon Snow?   

    In the end Jon and Aegon will be on the same side anyway, kind of a moot point IMHO.
  9. AegonTargaryen added a post in a topic Death Reasons of King Robb   

  10. AegonTargaryen added a post in a topic Death Reasons of King Robb   

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  13. AegonTargaryen added a post in a topic What would ruin it for you?   

    If Jon really died the way he did at the of dance I would probably stop reading. Though I'd still check out summaries and discuss the books etc
  14. AegonTargaryen added a topic in General (ASoIaF)   

    How will History Remember Robb Stark - The King who Rose?
    Of course, history is written by the victors, so I think Robb's legacy will be largely determined by who wins the current conflict. But under all the various scenarios, how do you think Robb will be remembered?

    Personally I think if the North becomes an independent kingdom he will take on an almost legendary persona, and the King who Rose sounds bad ass (especially compared to the king who knelt). After all he was the first King of Winter in 300 years. He was never defeated in battle, only defeated by the most notorious instance of treachery in Westerosi history.

    If the Iron Throne is restored, I still think he will be fondly remembered. Whether a Baratheon or Targaryen restoration takes place, they will still consider Joff''s rule to have been illegitimate.

    I was discussing with some buddies what we think would make a great bitter sweet ending. I could see an epilogue chapter that takes place from the perspective of an all seeing Bran watching a royal procession make their way to Winterfell to bury the recently deceased King Jon in the crypts of Winterfell. Perhaps Lord Paramount Rickon Stark walks his nephew prince Robb Targaryen (Jon's son) through the crypts of Winterfell, where they walk by Robb's statue. Rickon of course tells the prince that his namesake was his uncle, a King of Winter, and a legendary warrior, defeated only by treachery.

    If the Lannisters hold the throne (ya right) then he would probably be remembered as a rebel and usurper.

    What do you guys think?
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  15. AegonTargaryen added a post in a topic Would Tywin call "encroachment"?   

    Because it's the Westerlings he wouldn't care. If it was a more powerful Western house, say the Reynes of Castamere before the rebellion or a house with similar clout and power, it may be a cause for concern.