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  1. MaesterAwesome added a topic in E07: A Man Without Honor   

    Jorah's Betrayal?
    When Jorah goes to speak with Quaithe, she asks him if he will betray Daenerys again. What betrayal is she talking about?
    I just recently started reading A Storm of Swords, so I beg you, please don't spoil anything for me. If there's no way to answer my question without spoiling something, then just tell me that I will find it out later.
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  2. MaesterAwesome added a topic in A Storm of Swords   

    Can I read A Storm of Swords like this?
    I just finished A Clash of Kings and I noticed that the Daenerys story-line is kept almost entirely separate from the rest of the characters and their part of the story. Anyway, I was wondering if I could read the Dany chapters in A Storm of Swords separately without spoiling the rest of the book?
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