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  1. Jed Stark added a post in a topic Catelyn's POV - Thoughts (Spoilers)   

    Is there any definitive proof that the Freys sewed Grey Wind's head to Robb's body? I'm about three quarters of the way into ASoS, and it came up in a Davos chapter, but stories sometimes get exaggerated (Remember, it was also said that Robb morphed into a wolf during battle.). Does anybody ever see the body? I didn't think anything could upset me as much as Ned's death, but this was rough to take.
  2. Jed Stark added a topic in A Storm of Swords   

    Lem Lemoncloak Quote
    When Lem, Tom, and Anguy take Arya et al to the Inn of the Kneeling Man, they toast King Robert. Anguy says something about seven saving him (Sorry, I don't have the book with me at the moment and I can't remember the exact quote.), to which Lem mutters something cryptic about "all twelve." What does this mean? Will it be revealed later? Thanks!
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  3. Jed Stark added a post in a topic Question about the Kettleblacks   

    Thanks! Will do!
  4. Jed Stark added a topic in A Clash of Kings   

    Question about the Kettleblacks
    I just finished A Clash of Kings, and something struck me as odd about the Kettleblacks. Where do their loyalties actually lie? They were initially hired by Cersei, and then Bronn began paying them on behalf of Tyrion. However, after that, they beat Alayaya and gleefully brought her in front of Tyrion on Cersei's orders. That would seem to inidcate a loyalty to Cersei. Does anybody have any thoughts? Thanks!
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  5. Jed Stark added a post in a topic Question about Sansa's supposed betrayal of Ned   

    Thank you, Edison B! That clears it up, I think. After Robert died, Cersei wasn't planning to arrest or go after Ned, so long as he kept quiet and bent the knee to Joffrey. But, when Sansa went to her, Cersei believed that Ned was making his move against her (ending the betrothal, moving the girls back to Winterfell, possibly conspiring with Renly and/or Stannis), and it was time for her to move against him.

    While Ned was, in fact, moving against the Queen (trying to contact Stannis, trying to buy off the gold cloaks through Littlefinger, etc.), in reality, the decision to send the girls back to Winterfell (which led Sansa to run to Cersei) had nothing to do with that, as that decision was made as a result of escalating tensions between the Lannisters and the Starks over Tyrion's capture (for example, Jaime and his men killing Ned's guards). Is that correct?
  6. Jed Stark added a post in a topic Question about Sansa's supposed betrayal of Ned   

    Thanks so much! Just to be clear, once Sansa told Cersei that Ned planned to end the betrothal to Joffrey and send her home, Cersei realized that Ned knew the truth about Joffrey having no claim to the throne. She conferred with Littlefinger, and they bought off the gold cloaks, all before Ned even met Cersei at the godswood. By the time Ned confronted Cersei, it was already too late for him, unless he sided with her. Is that correct?
  7. Jed Stark added a topic in A Clash of Kings   

    Question about Sansa's supposed betrayal of Ned
    Hello! It's my first post, and I need help! I'm currently reading A Clash of Kings, and I'm confused by something in the first Tyrion chapter. When Cersei is bringing Tyrion up to speed on recent events in King's Landing, she states that she learned of Ned Stark's intentions through Sansa. I thought that Cersei learned of Ned's plans from Ned himself, during the conversation they had in the godswood (when Ned revealed that he knew Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen were all Jaime's children). I thought that Sansa had gone to Cersei before Ned was even aware of the incestuous relationship between Cersei and her brother. Wasn't Ned initially sending Sansa and Arya back to Winterfell because the situation in the realm was deteriorating (Gregor Clegane's attacks, Tyrion being taken hostage, etc.), and he thought they'd be safer there? Did I miss something? Thank you so much, and have a great day!
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