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    How is it that only 2 people have chosen Targaryen? I am amazed at how little amount of people would want to be a Targaryen.

    Me personally, I would choose Targaryen.

    1. Line of amazingly beautiful genes.
    2. Blood of the Dragon - says enough right there
    3. The gods are so fearful that they just flip a coin to decide your fate.
    4. Incest to keep a pure blood line.
    5. Blood of the Dragon
    6. They own dragons.
    7. They are of Valyria.
    8. They love fire.
    9. The names are sophisticated to an end I cannot even begin to mention.

    I wanted "Stark of Winterfell" for a while, but when Viserys died, my cause switched over fully to Dany and the pure bloodline.
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    Regarding the ethical rule of human warging, I do not imagine you would want a human just randomly taking over your body for an unknown amount of time while you have no control. It is just morally wrong in a sense.

    As for Varamyr's would be pack, doesnt seem like he got to have his pack for so long now did he?

    Thats what you get as a punishment for attempting to human warg. Think GRRM did that to Varamyr as a little fun? I think he is trying to send us a lesson.
    Bran tore any dignity Varamyr had left from him and spit it in his face when he took over the pack.
    However you do not see Bran taking over Hodor anymore do you?
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    As much love I have for the story of "You know nothing Jon Snow" my favorite line so far in this chapter is undoubtedly,

    "Three corn and one roast raven. Very good m'lord."

    Edd is awesome. As much as I hate that bloody bird of Mormont's, he did get Jon the Lord Commander position after all.