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  1. Swiftraven added a post in a topic When Tyrion finds out that Aegon is going west   

    I don't think he meant that Aegon "took the bait" like he's leading him into a trap or something. I think he means it more like Aegon is acting upon the idea Tyrion planted in his mind during their game of cyvasse.
  2. Swiftraven added a post in a topic Favourite Greyjoy, least favourite?   

    Favorite: Theon. Amazing character. His chapters in DwD are incredible.

    Least favorite: Balon. Probably my least favorite character in the series. Awful person. I enjoy "evil/villain" characters if they're interesting and/or funny a la Roose or Joffrey but Balon is just a turd. A giant turd.
  3. Swiftraven added a post in a topic Were we supposed to blame Sansa for Lady?   

    I mostly just blame Cersei for being cruel, and Robert for agreeing to her demand and walking out of the room even after Ned begged him not to. Pretty pathetic of him in my opinion.
  4. Swiftraven added a post in a topic 2 New Actors (Walda & Mole's Town Madame)   

    Confused about the Locke thing, why do they think he's joining the NW? Has he been spotted with NW cast members or is it just a leak or what?

    Because I was expecting him to

  5. Swiftraven added a post in a topic What Characters Do You Think Got What They Diserved?   

    Nobody deserves the treatment Theon received, but that's just my opinion.

    Janos Slynt was a very, very satisfying moment though.
  6. Swiftraven added a post in a topic Why would Aegon v send Brynden Rivers to the Wall?   

    I'm gonna guess Bloodraven asked to be part of Aemon's escort to the Wall because he knew/felt he had some business there and beyond it.
  7. Swiftraven added a post in a topic who do you like that you should hate?   


    I hate him for what he did to Robb, but I just can't help liking him as well because of his mannerisms and personality.
  8. Swiftraven added a post in a topic Tommen has been recast   

    I find the decision a little strange to be honest. Tommen-Margaery in the books never seemed creepy to me but more like something a bit funny and awkward since it's the only way the Tyrells and the Lannisters can keep their alliance and keep Margaery as Queen. And they were only betrothed to be married when Tommen came of age anyway (but that seems farfetched now that Margaery looks like she's in her late twenties/early thirties). So I don't know really why it would have mattered to much that Tommen was really young and engaged to Margaery. A bit ridiculous maybe, but so it was in the books as well.

    I wouldn't be too surprised at all if they recast Kevan as well now. But I really dislike this thing where they keep a character out of the show and the suddenly introduce him like "Oh hey, here's Tywin's brother. He's been off chilling somewhere during all this time without being mentioned at all but now he's here and he's gonna be very involved." Seems like a lack of foresight to me :/
  9. Swiftraven added a post in a topic Which character will you NEVER like?   


    Lied and then stood by while her family and her ancestral House were getting destroyed.

    Family, Duty, Honor my ass.
  10. Swiftraven added a post in a topic Jon vs Ramsay   

    Roose says that Ramsay is a pretty crap fighter. Wild slashes with no real technique.

    Jon has been trained from young age by a Master-at-Arms and was better than Robb at swordplay. He has also trained other Night's Watch men. Only time he's ever really been beaten was by Mance.

    So yeah...in a straight one on one fight Jon would most likely destroy Ramsay.
  11. Swiftraven added a post in a topic What is Your Most Crackpot Theory v5   

    Howland Reed will revive Ned's bones using some kind of badass magic. The Ned will then somehow encounter the BWB and Lady Stoneheart, take Oathkeeper and stab her through the heart effectively becoming Azor Ahai and save everyone. Go Neddard!
  12. Swiftraven added a post in a topic My biggest pet peeve with this series- sieges   

    In the first book the Lannisters take a lot of the strongholds and castles in the Riverlands quite easily before turning their attention to Riverrun.
  13. Swiftraven added a post in a topic Reverse-Casting Game!   

    Jeff Bridges - Tormund Giantsbane

    Michael Fassbender
  14. Swiftraven added a post in a topic Which House's do you think are doomed?   

    Am I wrong in assuming that the Florents are pretty much done for? After the Blackwater battle they were attainted and Garlan was made Lord of Brightwater Keep so the Tyrells pretty much own the Florent lands and castles. Unless Stannis wins and restores them for their loyalty, I guess.
  15. Swiftraven added a post in a topic Mystery cast ?   

    Too young to be Fake Arya, surely?

    Maybe the Waif, although it might be too early for that.