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  1. westerosreader added a topic in A Storm of Swords   

    best and worst moments on A Storm of Swords (spoilers)
    so i just finished it, some random thoughts:

    best moments:
    - joffrey's death.
    - conversation of Kevan and Cersei after Tywin's funeral. so good to see that Kevan sees clearly about Cersei and spells out to her about the lack of jugdement and confront her.
    - the whole outlaws. seem like the coolest guys in Westeros (together with Mance Rayder)
    - mance rayder was really cool - but it seemed always to me that the real danger are the fucking undead, not the wildlings, and watchmen were always forgetting about that
    - lady Lisa taking finally the moon door. just a pity robert is not with her

    - tywin death. great character, smart and indeed better for the realm than cersei and joffrey... didnt want him to die yet and certainly not like that!
    - oberyin's death. One of the best new characters, and fighting so good against always hated Gregor... and then died just after his victory seemed done...
    - robbs death.... though chapter was good and i saw it coming, was obviously a trap. I would have loved a chapter from his POV, it frustrated me that u only knew about robb from his mother.... he is the one of the starks who fucking defeated lannisters armies and became king etc and the only one without a POV!
    - the hound death already? hope he isnt, always felt he has a bigger role to play
    - jon snow not accepting to be Lord of Winterfell. How it was written, I knew from the beggining he was not going to accept and i hated it. Sorry i know about the vows but i just dont think that rejecting the chance to rebuild Winterfell and restore some justice to the North was the honorable answer
    -samwell chapters. sorry dont like him so much.
    - all the chapters about Lord Holster death. Not very interesting, so many pages while he is dying and dying and finally death, didnt see the point
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  2. westerosreader added a topic in A Game of Thrones   

    women on Games of thrones (first books)
    has anybody else reaiized how the main characters that fall in this book do so because of women they love:

    - Catelyn convinces Ned to accept to be hand of the king, which proves to be a mistake as Ned knew from the beginning.
    - Catelyn creates problems for the Starks when capturing Tyrion:
    . She doesnt have the power to take him safe to Winterfell. Just taking him to the eagle's nest was not a easy task and put in danger her own security
    . Most importantly, doing that equaled to a declaration of war against the Lannister. Ned was not even aware of that so was taken by surprise
    . Even then Ned could have prevailed... but Sansa informs Cersei of his plans, putting him again in a bad situation

    - Going against of the traditions of the Dothraki and the opinion of the whole Khal, Dany convinced Drogo to be treated for his small injury by Mirri Maz Duur, who kills him (and his son and his horse) in the worst way
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