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  1. I want to go re-read that part again now. I wonder if Ned was going to play a Game of Thrones & reveal Jon's identity and put him on the throne? Could have saved us 5000 pages & 20 years of waiting... I kid!
  2. I have a crazy theory about Tyrion riding a dragon with the help of Bran warging. Just like Tyrion created a saddle for Bran to ride, Bran is the saddle for Tyrion to ride. Tin foil, but pretty cool IMO
  3. I like the fact that the Northern lord who champions Jon's cause the most is actually named after his mother. Kind of a heartfelt touch for GRRM & DD
  4. Far from fleshed out, but interesting. Euron - Durran Euron - Godsgrief maybe marrying Dany goes against the gods wishes? Wasn't their a pretty epic dragon battle outside Storm's End during the first Dance of Dragons? We know fAegeon is holding it now... Just throwing some stuff at the walls. We'll see if anything sticks
  5. Brienne & The Hound, maybe Jamie too, on Tyrion/Sansa's Kingsgaurd is one of my 'Fantasy Endings' for Asoiaf. On topic- the elemental yin/yang with the Cotf/WW & Dany/Jon plus the time meddling of Bran throw in some R'hlor fire magic & FM cold bloodedness & we got a recipe for some serious Theory-crafting for the next few years... TWoW get here already! I'm already dreaming of Spring.
  6. If you're stuck on Jon only hooking up with red-heads I can think of another one at the wall... & she is definitely DTF with Jon Starkgaryean. Only thing that stopped him a season or two back from boning down with Mel was his vows to the NW & we all know how he feels about those vows these days. I could see them trying some sex-magic to fight the WW. BOOK STUFF: SanSan is definitely set-up in the books but I'd rather see the hound as Lord Comander of Sansa & Tyrion's Kingsguard. & before you call me crazy, think about how good of a ruling pair the two would make plus they're already married.