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  1. I've just dowloaded the sample onto my phone. I think the largest book I've read on it is the dunk and egg stories. If I can manage to read a 300 hundred sample on such a small screen without getting annoyed, well, that would be a review in itself. Sounds like something I'll enjoy though. About Prince of Thorns, isn't there a scene where Jorg has sex with a prostitute whilst reading a book balanced between her uh arse crack* (technical word for it!?) I can't remember if it happens real time though if thats what you mean but ni sex in the book? * I'm not sure if this counts as a spoiler either :-P
  2. [ADwD Spoilers] Dusky Woman

    I just mean it looks to obvious that the author might be leading us to a conclusion the going a different way ( sortof a red herring; look it up if you want it explained better) Just with Vic repeating "eurons gifts are poisened" it's hammering that fact into are heads toi much. But I could be wrong...
  3. [ADwD Spoilers] Dusky Woman

    The dusky woman could be a red herring (Eurons gifts are poisened) but I can't help thinking she's going to be important. It could just be Euron wanting to win favour with Vic but then why not give him two women? five? ten? I always thought it was strange Euron sending Vic instead of himself. Maybe he wants Vic out the way doing something while he wins more and stronger loyalty from the IB. Imagine if Euron went away with the Iron Fleet to get Dany, would he return to find Vic wearing the IB crown? He probably thinks Vic is too thick to plot against him.