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  1. Sam III(?), AFFC
  2. Foreshadowing a black dragon (fAegon) and a grey dragon (Jon) eventually rising to the fore.
  3. Not truly foreshadowing, but Arya used her warg powers as early as in ACOK: Arya was still inside the castle, and knew Nymeria was close. It isn't explicitly stated by GRRM, but we can deduct that Arya knows she has this power and can use it from this point on, if not even earlier.
  4. Cersei has Ser Mandon Moore try to kill Tyrion during the Battle of the Blackwater and essentially slices off half of his face.
  5. One Lannister is about to set a body on fire of water quite soon.
  6. Jon will one day be surrounded by 7 swords again after reluctantly taking the kingship of the 7K.
  7. I always imagined that the man wreathed in flames was Stannis, taking the fiery heart as his sigi.
  8. This probably has been brought up, but something stuck out to me in Jon's first chapter. It probably ties in with the whole "bastards hitting princes" portion in the yard of Winterfell: "His father had talked of him often: the peerless Robert Baratheon, demon of the Trident, the fiercest warrior of the realm, a giant among princes." While this, of course, could refer to a many things, Jon (through Martin) is quick to identify Joff as the "crowned prince". While Martin uses "princes" in the text, it leads the reader to assume that there's (possibly) more than one prince there. Technically, Tommen is a prince, too, but Jon doesn't remark him that way.
  9. GRRM already said that Rhaegar's body was burned.