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  1. While I'm certainly appreciative of the detailed synopsis of the Ser Barristan II chapter that was provided back on the first page of this thread - I'm surprised that no one in attendance at the event at which Mr. Martin read that selection recorded the reading and subsequently transcribed it. I can only presume that there must've been a 'no recording' policy in effect at said event that was strictly enforced.  


    Can anyone confirm if this was indeed the case, and if that's also the reason why there isn't a transcription of the Tyrion I chapter anywhere to be found online.


    That said, considering though how exclusive trailers that premiere at Comic-Con always seem to get covertly shot by someone with a smart phone in their possession, it strikes me as odd that no one would've been able to sneak an audio recording of those two orally-delivered aforementioned chapters.


    Apologies if this issue has already been covered either in this thread or elsewhere.

    It seems GRRM does request No recordings of his readings of sample chapters, and unfortunately those in attendance chose to respect it. I'd love Barristan II and Tyrion I transcripts as well. 

  2. I actually think it would be fascinating if Sansa was forced for the first time to use her court politic training after being kidnapped, in a setting outside of where the training was intended. The idea of her ending up at Greywater is interesting.

    Sansa being the person to meet Howland Reed would be great. After all her experience, I know she'd ask the right questions.

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