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  1. It interesting on reserve/off reserve residence as been ruled to offend the Charter however there are policy reasons for that limitation which may be reasonable given the limitation of the School.

    however Charter arguments aside, it just seems a shitty thing to do, but if they are at capacity it must be a hard choice for the school to have to make.

  2. It UFA DAY Treaty day in Yukon

  3. I just got a e-mail from UBC to say that my Final Exam code name is ready!!! WTF?

  4. Great day spoke in suport of the First Nations fighting the pipe line and to protect our fish

  5. Summary of augment, close to 1,000 pages of reading, a ton of case briefs, so much for a week off. I used to be paid for working this hard


  7. Thinking of what comes next

  8. Who ever sent my the candy gram with the 4 bore shotgun quote your the awesomest ever

  9. Sometimes I play diavl advocate and take it waaaayyy to far. I'm a little crqz

  10. Think of moving to Zimbabwe buying a hunting concession and living an adventure . Life should be a story


  12. Time for 2.5 hours of sleep then citations then DONE

  13. Open memo is so much less fun when your the only one. I miss my all nighter friends

  14. First Draft done time for a walk

  15. What does it mean to be Indigenous? Truth be told it in your heart your mind your soul. Not your blood or DNA. Its in how you live my teachings and interact with other. Its in your respect and support of the Community and living to understand.


  17. SO tried of the Open memo hanging over my head... Just one more day I can do this. Maybe not get a good mark but I can do this

  18. Sunny cloudless day that speaks of the dawn of spring and I'm suck inside writing a memo that I can't focus because it so nice, also I think I messed up the start when I was sick oh well just need to get it done. #notworryaboutmarksanymore

  19. Seems like everywhere I turn, there are people pissed off a cheating lawyer and lost court cases, guess it time to have more competent and ethical professionals

  20. Got out of Jury duty, for now I will likely get called over the summer

  21. I looking for love so scared. Feel so lonely . I'm just a lonely raven

  22. Really worried about falling behind with missing classes :( I need a B- average tall order :(

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