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  1. I looking for love so scared. Feel so lonely . I'm just a lonely raven

  2. Really worried about falling behind with missing classes :( I need a B- average tall order :(

  3. Feels a lot betters

  4. Air Chief Marshal Warnsby admiral Warnsby or General Warnsby which sounds best

  5. Because of Jurry duty I can't go to Washington in March :( and I have to miss a total of 4 contract, 2 Torts, 2 Crim and 2 con class over the term

  6. Turns out that I really Sick, I have to be off school Until friday :(

  7. I've got jury duty, on the 12th of March in the City of Whitehorse. Going to have to miss school to do my civil duty

  8. Total break down can't finish to memo DROPING OUT GOOD NIGHT

  9. What areas of law require the lest writing? following paramedics or bail ? or something else

  10. First Law School all nighter

  11. Is thinking it time to get ADHD treatment. I've got 15 hours to go and still not done the framework of law, marching across the desert doesn't seem so bad right about now

  12. Need to clam down and focus

  13. Paralyzed with fear of failure :(, need to get the open memo done, AND watt's Evdiance is out :(

  14. There are no great men. Just great challenges which ordinary men, out of necessity, are forced by circumstances to meet. -Fleet Admiral William Halsey

  15. Let's never forget that the core of Economic well being is environmental protection, indeed the very term Econ(home) and onmic(Manage) shews that, how can one say that we are manage our home by distoring it? B. Bruce Warnsby- "Life and Times"

  16. Law School fact patterns I wonder if, lawyers ever get things this interesting?

  17. I messed up big time

  18. Hoping to get a group from UVIC law to go over to Vancouver next weekend, lots of fun for Nisga'a New Year and a ton of my favorite Tiglint people will be there

  19. Just read the dedication of abdicaion of Her Majesty Queen Liliuokalani, I brought tears to my eyes. LONG LIVE THE ROYAL HOUSE OF House of Kawānanakoa Lawfully Monarchs of Hawaii

  20. I HATE being my peanut allergy great meal Thai meal order by my classmate and no for the Bruceski :(, and it only potenial fatal it no big deal

  21. Smoke fish not Pot

  22. This time next year I hope to be a flying officer

  23. After 5 month of Law school no conduct of a defendent really sprises me any more then there R. V. Jesse

  24. Its time to go home there's work to be done

  25. If there one thing law school has learned me it all how you frame the issue

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