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  1. I think that its time to consider all options

  2. Up in the West Yukon town of Dawson, I fell in Love with a Indian girl Nighttime would find a the Westminster Hotel Music would Play and she Wral

  3. Wishes that Chief would just walk-out on Harper instead of allow him to walk on on them, they won't.

  4. At the breaking point, I'm finally learning that with my writting issues I unsuited to Law, guess I will go dig ditches like I was told I would be doing in grade 2

  5. I'm think I need a new adventure. Military?

  6. A case on similar fact evince has the line "Bruce, the bad guy. Glup

  7. Per ardua surgo ad astra-Though adversity I rise to the stars

  8. I want to look dashing it think a RAF commission would do the trick. Flying Officer Warnsby sounds cool

  9. I hate stress grades cause it means worse grade :(, Maybe I can become a Policeman, Because that like a lawyer with respect

  10. SImlar fact evidance is a big part of case law

  11. I would give a very large sum to take Indigenous Law with John Burrows such a blessing and honour to have two classes with him

  12. I finally understand its time to stop being SELFISH, I a man grown and have duties to preform not sit on my ASS, therefore I will join people better and smarter then me and drop out, I just need a job

  13. It was on this day that the lawfully government was overthrown by American Back elites to enures that the PEOPLE would lose power.

  14. AWSOME conistuitional law class John Burrows droped some hard core truth bombs on a Bunch of First Year about the Right Way for Crown- First Peoples Relationships

  15. One spring assignment(were but Victoria could the time from Jan-Aprial be call spring:P) down one to go

  16. Got 5 page on my jornel and two more cases to cover so short TV Bed up at 7, finish joneny rveiw reading Class at 9:30, damn one sick day throws everything off

  17. Not quite sure I got how to do Legal Research

  18. WHITEHORSE!!!!!

  19. Opposes Privatation of native land

  20. Already missing my law school peps you guy are greats

  21. Mehaffey Consulting Inc. shared the following link:http://yukon-news.com/news/26296/The top position, called Kha Shade Heni by the Tlingit group, has been vacant since Mark Wedge finished his term in early November.

  22. First term of law school in the books

  23. Outline ready of contract T-minus 6 hours and counting to Chirsmas break

  24. I was born on the 27 day of April in the 4th year of 2nd premiership of Trudeau which was the 4th year of 32rd parliment and the 32nd year of the reign of Our Lady Queen, being the 116th year since the confederation of Canada

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