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  1. It hearting to see that the deal with done by a few in Volation of Law IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE December 2, 2011 Gitanmaax, B.C. ... “The Gitxsan people are outraged with the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Agreement” Contrary to the announcement of Elmer Derrick of today’s date, the representatives of the Plaintiffs to the British Columbia Supreme Court Action No. 15150, cited as Spookw v. Gitxsan Treaty Society, oppose the Agreement. The Gitxsan plaintiffs include Here...

  2. Status about Status. Should I get Status ?

  3. LLP has me think of joining the Foreign Legion

  4. Wesley King wrote:Ryan McMahon posts"ATTENTION WHITE GIRLS: if you're not able to tell us Indians what the beadwork on your fake mukluks represents (who, what, where) then by traditional law we're actually allowed to rip 'em off your feet. Get researchin'." Hahaha tru words bro!

  5. Chirmas gift from Gillian Calder, while she doing the program in Nunvant John Borrows will be teaching Constitutional Law so excited

  6. Put off student to get dinner

  7. Alyssa Holland shared the following link:http://www.vancouversun.com/business/Marilyn+Baptiste+says+carry+Tsilhqot+warrior+tradition/5781976/story.htmlDuring a break in the weeklong B.C. Supreme Court hearing over the fate of the $3-billion New Prosperity Mine, Xeni Gwet'in chief Marilyn Baptiste, walks out of the Hornby Street court-house and joins a group of eight sup-porters singing a traditional song.

  8. Though I lost my walet so unproductive night :(

  9. My goal in life is to write a ruling that law students must read

  10. Just 3 more week just 3 more weeks

  11. Not saying anything is not lieing its leting the truth speak for itself

  12. Feeling unmotivated today and I've for to finish the closed memo

  13. A Gordon A Gordon!! Battle Cry of the proud Clan Gordon

  14. Looking for a ghrá mo chroí

  15. Wonders when Canada will learn that if they want Indigenous Peoples to feel a part of this nation trijurredicism must be recognized

  16. An Open letter for the protection of the Peel To whom it may concern, I am a TH citizen with extensive interest in the mining industry, and I recognize the value that the industry has to the territorial economy. That being said, I wish to express my support for 100% protection of the Peel drainage plan area. This area long used by the Han, Gwich'in and Northern Tutchone people is of unique international value; very few places in the world remain so completely untouched by industrial develo...

  17. Finished to fact for my closed memo tommorrow comes the hard part

  18. As much as I dislike INAC (or what ever Harper calling it now) and will fight bad policy. Nice people like my friend Pauline do work for them so it not all bad

  19. Like this status if you feel you or someone in imdate cirlcle of friends as done more for the world then the cast of 'Jersey Shore'

  20. back from fernwood were I saw the maiden fair

  21. Good luck on the llp everyoneL

  22. Studying law making the responsible decision for my Future

  23. In under 3 year i'm going to be JD Hammer

  24. Up on my reading feel wried have a day off

  25. Had a great night to cleberate a great man Happy Birthday Caleb Behn hope you have many more

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