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  1. Exhausted after this weekend, dressage competition and dog show. https://t.co/Eu5Qo9Dg8O

  2. Baroque Play https://t.co/kUTx1OVk12 #SecondLife https://t.co/YBmY9V92yl

  3. Ghost Town https://t.co/QiMfz6vlQq #SecondLife https://t.co/NSrcs4l1kx

  4. @Fani_Karamanou Thanks! We likely need a good dose of that, no matter how much we train. He has his own ideas. ;)

  5. Anyone viewing https://t.co/LZXMx9OfIb on a really, really large screen? Anything go weird with the new design? When does text get too wide?

  6. Excellent news! So excited. https://t.co/dFhFqni61e

  7. I do love our dog, but I wish his hairs would stay attached to him and not cover the floor. Whew, cleaning in 30 degrees, bad plan.

  8. Midsummer Night: It is that most Swedish of holidays today, aka midsummer. This year, I have not ... https://t.co/RPDllnvWyp #SecondLife

  9. Danae in the Desert: Another busy weekend and I find myself with a long list of new releases that... https://t.co/DhPJ6CgNgH #SecondLife

  10. That feeling, when you want to beat your head against a wall. I missed it. ;P

  11. We may finally be reaching the halfway point or so with all the paperwork for the new company. Not my idea of fun, for sure.
  12. Finished my reread of @guygavrielkay's Tigana. I should write something about this brilliant book but I seem to have something in my eye.
  13. Goddess in Furs: A new round of the Secret Affair has opened and it is full of wintry goodness and... https://t.co/yMclMiRfU9 #SecondLife
  14. @venustastic The same to you! :)
  15. @AKA_Qthulhu True. I got soft ones, rather than dried. Those can be too chewy.
  16. Yes, yes, yes! Our dogs hip x-rays came back already (did them yesterday) and no sign of hip dysplasia (its a mandatory check for boxers).
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