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  1. [quote name='thatwhichiam' post='1653950' date='Jan 19 2009, 11.07']I almost think Ralph Fiennes would be a good Stannis rather than Davos...[/quote]

    I think part of me would die if Ralph had to shave his head for the role - though his Voldermort didn't disturb me as much as it probably should have.
  2. [quote name='cronos619' post='1648672' date='Jan 14 2009, 12.26']If short cameos would work better for him, I could see him as a very sinister Roose Bolton[/quote]

    As much as I would love to see Ralph have a bigger role - I agree that he would make a great Roose.
    However, his talents are not limited to evil: his various roles also show a range from love sick and heartbroken to strong and compelling.

    He's wrong for the Hound - Davos would be acceptable.
    But the fangirl in me would love him more as Ned - would also be a big name to pull in non-fan viewership (though there might be some fallout based on his storyline).
  3. Welcome! and thank you for seriously looking at our suggestions, it makes us feel that we have a personal stake in the story/show. Nothing feels like turning to your friend and pointing to the screen saying: "I was a part of this!"

    I have one sincere request - [b]please don't make the wolves look cheesey.[/b]
    The Direwolves are an integral part of the story and atmosphere. Having terribly rendered/filmed wolves would cheapen the whole experience (no matter how good the actors are).

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