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  1. I was thinking that too! But the "plink" seems to be when she's in front of Marg, and Joff dumps his wine out on Tyrion's head afterwards. It's possible it's slower moving poison (a deviation from the book), but I think it's likelier the poison goes in the cup around the time of the cake cutting. So Marg could have just done it with some good slight-of-hand, or maybe Olenna does it when the camera isn't focused on her (when he slashes the sword).

    It's also possible we're completely overanalyzing...maybe there's a different shot or angle that didn't make the final edits. But yeah, just thought I'd add that screenshot to muddy the waters ;)


    You can see Marg's hands with the goblet (as she's placing it down) are blocked by Joff for a few frames here: http://i.imgur.com/XxwPm9B.png?1

    And then Marg is the one pointing Tyrion towards the cup after the cake cutting, here: http://i.imgur.com/uKhSTQs.png?1

    Interesting screen shots. Yeah, I tried to get a closer look when I re-watched the episode. Olenna takes the gem from the necklace almost 20 minutes before he actually dies. No wonder the unsullied have no idea what is going on....my husband thinks they poisoned the pie. I know what happens and still I don't see anything definitive that points to them poisoning the wine. It must happen off camera.

  2. Oh damn, with 50 some pages and not a ton of free time today, I guess I missed the discussion of the possible blue rose in the ice during Bran's vision? Son of a.........................le sigh. A girl must.......rewatch the show again soon. LOL, like I wasn't going to anyway, right?

    Yeah but who knows what the heck we are looking at in that screen capture....looks like f*ck all to me. I don't see a blue rose.

  3. I never understood this theory.

    Leaf, who is 200 years old, describes CH as having been killed "long ago".

    Two years (?) is not a long time for a creature that's lived for two centuries.

    Also, Bran never recognizes CH as his uncle, despite hearing his voice and seeing the top of his face.

    Hopefully we find out what happened to Ben, but I doubt he's CH.

    I agree. I don't buy Coldhands is Benjen.

  4. Melisandre should already have been saying "infidel" -- it's a perfectly sensible word for how she views non-believers, and fits in to our contemporary life. The audience immediately understands that the person uttering it is a religiously intolerant totalitarian.

    But Stannis? Ridiculous. But, I suppose it's just more of the same thing that HBO has been doing in making his character dishonorable.

    I agree. There is too much deviation and it is ruining show Stannis.

  5. I've always thought that Tywin must have secretly been quite relieved that Joffrey was dead. Joffrey grown into adulthood with total power was a scary prospect; Joffrey would have had no qualms about killing Lannisters, including Tywin himself.

    Does Tywin's underwhelming/non-reaction to Joffery's death, and the chumminess between Olenna and Tywin give any credence to the Tywin knew about the purple wedding theory?

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