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  1. I made this thread in General Discussion, and, unable to have that thread moved, I promptly made my own here by copying and pasting. Why would I do this? Because it's a lot easier than retyping it all, because it shows the mod is alive, and also because it's good for introducing newcomers (if they missed all the other threads here for some reason). And also because it's always good to have this sort of random info ready, so it doesn't need to be hunted down again. I pray that this thread is a decent contribution, and that you folks won't mind my needless introduction paragraphs/obvious facts, and that you might get something from this (like the tasty mini-previews) Westeros: Total War is a (free) in-developement modification of Medieval II: Total War, that allows the player to take control of a family during the War of the 5 Kings and see how the story goes with you in charge. The basic premise is that you can control most everything from the 'strategic' map of Westeros, but, when you enter conflicts you are given the option to dive in as the general and control the battle (which is rather realistic and detailed). Whether your goal is to have the Freys on the Iron Throne, or simply try and see if you can accomplish a Whispering Wood, you can (although Freys do seem more fitting in pastries than power, in my humble opinion). This thread is all the released information, and about what you can use this to do (there is a basic-feature alpha version for those who want to try). Now, onto business. As I stated, there are 2 versions: 0.53, the minimal-features version available now, and the 1.0 version, the version with full features and is not yet released (but has opened the information floodgates). There are also several mods for this mod, but I will get to those later. First and foremost, though, I will cover the 1.0. 1.0 Full Version Info: Sneakpeeks at what to come General Features: -A full campaign map of all of Westeros, with settlements ranging from minor towns to massive cities and citadels. -Recruitment of military units will be not only faction based; it has been verified that the area from which you are recruiting will play a large part -Factions will have the option of claiming either the Iron Throne, or independence, depending on the faction. This will be a huge factor, changing diplomacy, victory conditions, ect. All factions also may accept fealty to the Throne. It's all the player's choice. -Various foreign or inter-national organizations can be lured to settlements and otherwise used...at a cost, depending on what that organization wants. (Example: Faceless Men) -It has been hinted at that followers of Rhollor, the Drowned God, The Old Gods, and the Faith will all be involved. -Major characters (and plenty of minor ones) will look unique in battle. -The Majority of units will be specially made for this mod, and those from the original game will be heavily, heavily modified. -Lordships may be granted to generals by allowing them to remain in a castle for extended periods of time. Lordships of different settlements lead to different effects. -More on Lordships confirmed: Lordships, according to the modders, not only will bear effects according to the location (different lordships lead to different traits), but also the use of a lordship itself will do much for a general. A discontent general can be attached to your faction by rewarding his services with a lordship, but when a general gathers too much power, he might get delusions of granduer and bite the hand that feeds. -Marraige remains a strong part of diplomacy -The militarization of the Faith will play a part -The Brotherhood without Banners will be present, and while it is suggested it will be rebel, its official faction is unconfirmed. -Beric Dondarrion will be a custom general, complete with flaming sword of Thoros. -Camaflouged knights of the Dondarrion retinue will be a special unit for the BwoB. -Bloodlines also play a strong part, especially involving Renly, Stannis, and Joffrey -Plenty of new ancillaries -The MoonBrothers will be present as cavalry, the Black Ears as Archers, the Stonecrows as axemen, and the Burned Men as spearmen. It is unknown how these units will be involved. -Houses Tully, Stark, Lannister, Joffrey (Lannisters of the East), Baratheon of Renly, Baratheon of Stannis, Grejoy, Frey, Arryn, Martell, and Tyrell have all been verified as playable. -NOTE: Village and Smaller Settlement names might be placeholders possibly (or they might not) The Following Info is purely some references odd facts. To see what this really means in game, I will be posting links at the bottom to some good pictures and threads. Sellswords of Westeros (not a faction, but rather a list of many hireable companies): -includes Vargo Hoat, a hireable general with Ram's helm and Eastern riders -includes basic Sellsword Companies, Sellsword Spears, Sellsword Archers, and Sellsword Crossbowmen -includes a variety of freeriders and hedge knights -there are a variety of pointy-helmeted men with beards from the East, I'm guessing Norvosi? -Myrish Crossbowmen looking for hire in Westeros can be found -Summer Islanders with their superior bowmanship can also can be found by a ruler who knows where to look -there are also others on the introduction slide that I cannot quite name, such as one group with giant hats and eye makeup -the intro slide also seems to feature a Dothraki rider with Arakh House Stark: -Verified Settlements: Winterfell, White Harbor, Last Hearth, Dreadfort, Karhold, Deepwood Molte, Widow's Watch, Barrowtown, Moat Cailin, Flint's Finger, Torrhen's Square, OldCastle, Ramsgate -at least one form of Dreadfort Heavy infantry has been showcased -Ramsay Snow and Roose Bolton have been verified as wearing decorative custom armor as described in the books. -GretJon Umber will be clad in custom armor, including a very nice-looking mask-style helm. -The Starks have been relatively withheld info-wise so far, but expect a grand unveiling soon enough. House Tully: -Verified Settlements: Riverrun, Harrenhall, Pinkmaiden, Stoney Sept, Darry, Fairmarket, Raventree Hall, Acorn Hall, Wayfarer's Rest, Stone Hedge, Willow's Wood, The Saltpans, Seagard, Maidenpool -Edmure Tully, Brynded Tully, Jason Mallister, Tytos Blackwood, Clement Piper and Marq Piper have all been mentioned in the (extremely old) faction preview -The Lord of Raventree Hall (I would suppose Tytos Blacwood) has been shown wearing decorative Raven armor (along with the joke banner "quothe the raven nevermore") -The Lord of Seagard is shown with custom dyed armor as well, full with ornamental helm-wings -Edmure Tully is shown, complete with custom armor -The Blackfish is also shown with his own good-looking attire -The Mallisters of Seagard will have their own household guard (I would guess an elite unit of sorts, probably unique to Seagard) House Lannister of the Westerlands -Verified Settlements: Lannisport, Casterly Rock, Crakehall, The Crag, Banefort, Golden Tooth, Hornvale, Kayce, Faircastle, Sarsfeild, Ashemark, -Tywin Lannister, Gregor Cleglane, Lancel, Jaime, Safford, Adam Marbrand have all been evident in the .53 version -Jaime Lannister has been shown in Gilded Armor. -Tyrion Lannister has also been showcased in Lannister outfitting...how both he and Jaime are in different armors in the Joffrey Preview will work is unknown. Perhaps there is a possibility for Jaime Goldenhand? -Tywin Lannister was shown in some very nice looking armor -Gregor Cleglane the Mountain was shown in his heavy plate, complete with overwhelming height, giant sword, and hound coat of arms. -The Lord of the Hornvale is verified to wear custom armor of his sigil (the unicorn) -And yes, they do have Gold Mines House Baratheon of Joffrey, the Iron Throne, and the Crownsland -Verified Settlements: Kings Landing, Duskendale, Rosby, Rook's Rest, Stonedance, Sow's Horn, The Antlers, Dyre Den, -Joffrey will be wearing his brilliant red armor with lion's helm, elk-lion sigil, and bear his Valyrian blade. -Sandor Cleglane will be wearing his hound helm and armor, along with KingsGuard cloak. -Tyrion Lannister will be a dwarf, of course, which will stand out. -Janos Slynt will be in Black-and-Gold Baratheon colors, bearing his spear sigil -Another Kingsguard is shone, in white armor and a lion helm...Jaime perhaps? -Will start off with a Kingship claim, but, if the bloodline dies out, it may recede to a noble house. -Tyrion will begin captured, but will be freed later on -LittleFinger will be a custom general, with immense prowess with money, but still able to fight if necessary. House Baratheon of Renly -Verified Settlements: Storm's End, Evenfall Hall, Felwood, Bronzegate, Griffin's Roost, Rain House, Crow's Nest, Haystack Hall, Parchments (???), Blackhaven, Nightsong, Harvest Hall, Grandview, Stonehelm, Greenstone, Mistwood -Renly Baratheon is verified to have his Green armor and antlered helm -The Rainbow Guard has been verified (including Brienne of Tarth) -Kingswood Archers have been verified House Frey...Heh -Verified Settlements: Twins West and Twins East -Various Custom Generals have been revealed, but we don't know who is there and who gets what armor -Guards of the Crossing are special to the Freys, and look very flashy -Start in an awkward position of nuetrality, but diplomacy is the key to ultimate success. House Greyjoy of the Ironborn -Verified Settlements: Pyke, Lordsport, Hammerhorn, Old Wyke, Tentowers, Saltcliff, Blacktyde, Orkmont -No horses for these folks, but plenty of varied and powerful infantry. Even generals will be on foot. -Balon Greyjoy will wear his black-and-gold armor and a double-bladed axe. -Victarion Grejoy will have his Kraken helm and sizeable war axe -Euron will have one eye, a big axe, and some nice armor. -Will likely worship the Drowned God House Baratheon of Stannis -Verified Settlements: Dragonstone, Driftmark, Claw Isles, Sharp Point -Stannis Baratheon will bear Lightbringer, armored custom as well -Florents will be involved. -Will likely follow the Lord of Light House Martell of Dorne: -Verified Settlements: SunSpear, Yronwood, Skyreach, Kingsgrave, Blackmont, Starfall, Sandstone, Hellholt, Salt Shore, Godsgrace, The Tor, Ghost Hill, Spottswood, Lemonwood -Dornish Javelinmen, Yronwood Archers/Cavalry/Infantry, Merchant cavalry/milita, and special Halberdiers are all unique to Dorne -Oberyn Martell will be custom -The Sand Snakes will be custom, and one is shone with a whip in hand -Doran Martell will be able to command from his litter, and his bodyguard will be infantry. House Arryn of the Vale -Verified Settlements: The Eryie, The Gates of the Moon, The Bloody Gate, Strongsong, Redfort, Sisterton, Heart's Home, Snakewood, Ironoaks, Gulltown, Runestone, Old Anchor, Longbow Hall, Ninestars -Very little is known of the Vale at this point. But expect Nestor Royce, Harry the Heir, and SweetRobin. House Tyrell of the Reach -Verified Settlements: Highgarden, Horn Hall, Golden Grove, Old Oak, Oldtown, the Arbor, Sunhouse, Bitter Bridge, Longtable, Ashford, Brightwater Keep, Uplands, Black Crown, Bandallion, Three Towers -Will begin allied to Renly -Expect many generals, and more information soon The Night's Watch -Verified Settlements: Castle Black, Shadow Tower, EastWatch-by-the-Sea, Queenstown -Will not be one of the playable factions, but will remain easily unlocked for anyone who wants to play as them. -Will not naturally attack the Starks -Jon snow is confirmed as a unique general, both on the field and on the strategic map -The existence of the Watch implies something beyond it... -There is a Wall. -3 levels of troops quality exist: Recruits, Brothers, and Rangers Alpha .53- The differences -Alpha .53 is available at this very instant, and has been around for some time. -.53 has mainly the important/larger settlements, and is much smaller in that regard -Generals have custom traits and pictures, but look the same on the battlefield -Fewer Generals, Characters, traits, ect. -The units are primarily slightly modified versions of the basics, and there while there is variation, not nearly so much as the 1.0 -No Nights Watch; Last Hearth is the last settlement Northward. -No Frey faction -Much of the map begins as rebel, instead of the more lore-loyal map of 1.0 -Many frills, features, ect are unavailable -No sellswords Links, Pictures, Forums, and Everything Nice Now for the best part: links to places with pictures, full descriptions, in-depth explanations, FAQs, downloads, ect. However, if you wouldn't care to make an account at the W:TW forums, feel free to ask questions or make suggestions in this thread. Also, the main post might be updated if I forgot anything, or if new info should surface soon. Anyways... Alpha .53: http://www.twcenter....ad.php?t=256115 FAQ: http://www.twcenter....ad.php?t=454559 Weekly mini-previews: http://www.twcenter....ad.php?t=461060 -These show the campaign map, custom generals, shiny new units, and good stuff. Sellsword Preview: http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?t=494509 Nights Watch Info thread: http://www.twcenter....ad.php?t=478185 Frey Info Preview: http://www.twcenter....ad.php?t=376399 Renly Info Preview: http://www.twcenter....ad.php?t=432249 Greyjoy Info Preview: http://www.twcenter....ad.php?t=393006 Martell Info Preview: http://www.twcenter....ad.php?t=366152 Tully Preview (Old, old, old) http://www.twcenter....ad.php?t=176271 Victory Conditions Dev Blog: http://www.twcenter....ad.php?t=433663 Map Enhancements Dev Blog: http://www.twcenter....ad.php?t=356847 Recruitment Dev Blog: http://www.twcenter....ad.php?t=377759 War of the Usurper Submod: http://www.twcenter....ad.php?t=470107 -This is a mod of the mod which portrays Roberts Rebellion, and is in early development Submod Enhanced .53: http://www.twcenter....ad.php?t=477004 -This mod is a mod of the alpha .53, which adds more characters, religions, weirwoods, plot stuff, and otherwise is very much acclaimed (although is slightly more buggy than the plain old Alpha)
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