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Found 1 result

  1. Datepalm

    Public Transport in AMERICA

    I mean, what??? Why??? What may be termed hands-on exploration of the role of competition in public transport provision being both a sort of expression of my worst self-destructive tendencies and, well, what I'm apparently planning on spending the next five years researching, this all came together during an innocent attempt to figure out how one gets from Boston, Massachussetts (a sizeable city, I have heard) to Washington, DC (another city, it appears). It is perhaps preferable to connect through New York (perhaps this - also a city, it claims on the Wikipedia - constitutes a regional hub of some sort?) Who on earth pays 100$ for a Boston-NY train trip? There can't possibly be an adequate demand for this. Why are there seven different bus operators but no standardized fares for a three-hour trip between two major metropolises? (I know why, you don't literally need to tell me why, I'm just saying...why!?) Am I doing something stupid and should just say fuck it to my weird stubborn insistence on always using ground transport and just get a flight? Is spending a couple of hours waiting for connecting night buses somewhere in NY, like, a really bad idea? (I admit my mental image of NY swings sharply between soulless hyper-gentrification and an 80's post-apocalyptic movie.) How do locals do this? (Drive. I assume its drive. Good god, is the best option to rent a car?) (I'm also trying to get to Ann Arbor later in the same trip...I assume taking public transport in this instance is simply a complicated way to become an exciting US violence statistic.)