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Skinchanging Sweetrobin

Oberyn's Sellsword Company was the Brave Companions

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Wow, Skinchanging Sweetrobin. Great read. I gotta commend you for putting together such a well-researched and original theory, that ultimately isn't completely crackpottish. Those are few and far between these days. Well done!

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Ah, okay, I thought you were talking about something else. Little point of disagreement:

- Tywin is on the toilet It's a normal thing to go to the toilet :p Tywin sitting on the toilet is not an argument

- He's been there a while since Shae is asleep Um... because she's asleep and he's not? Shae could simply have fallen asleep around the same time as Tywin, and not woken up when Tywin woke up to go to the toilet. That's normal. :)

- His poo doesn't release until death Your poo releasing after you've died is a normal bodily reaction. When you die, all your muscles relax, including your sphincter, letting out your poo.

And we have absolutely no indication about whether Qyburn was actually left alone with Tywins body. It sound like Tywin remained on his bed until the Silent Sisters came. What Qyburn had to do was remove the quarrel.

Tywin dies about three week into 300AC. Let's round it up to a month. Dance ends the story in about the 7th month, and by that time, Robert Strong has been around for a short while (about a month). So no, the experiments don't take place over a year.

And if you find it possible to believe Qyburn did all the things you say he did, why is it so hard to believe that Qyburn used his "magic" to preserve the body?

Lady Stoneheart is no longer Catelyn Tully, but only a shadow of the woman she onces was.

Coldhands, we have no idea what is going on there

The wights are a complete different something. Though, if you are interested, here is a discussion about why the whights could remember where Mormont was.

Talking heads?

Burying bodies by a weirwood because a weirwood tree is a sacred tree.

Ravens feasting on bodies for knowledge? Ravens eat dead bodies. Simple as that.

They are entering the Game of Thrones. Cersei had done nothing before, but now, with Ser Balons arrival, she had personally attempted to have Trystane assasinated. So yeah, they are now playing the game.

So Gregor is in agony... But Tywin is in the body...?

That's warging, and something completely different. With warging, one person willingly goes into the body of another. Once dead, the soul has gone, which is why Varamyr is being so hasty in trying to find another body.

The Catelyn Tully that returned from the death has barely anything from Catelyn left in her... she had been dead for 3 days. Beric Dondarrion died shortly every single time, but became less human with each and every attempt. If Qyburn did something with Gregor and Tywin, Tywin would have been dead for several weeks. A soul doesn't seem to last as long, especially not if we look at how little, if anything, of Catelyn's soul is still around after 3 days.

Aemon send himself to the Wall, in order to prevent others from using him to destroy Aegon's reign, because there were plenty of people against Aegon, and those people were willing to support Aemon. Unfortunately for them, Aemon did not want the crown.

Jon being a Targaryen is a secret. Keeping the secret is high treason. Luwin doesn't know it. Catelyn doesn't know it. Ned took it to his grave, and the only person who might still be alive to know about it, is Howland Reed. More likely, we'll see Ned confessing it to his heart tree through Brans visions.

Luwin did not influence Jon to go to the Wall. Jon wanted to go himself, and Benjen approached Luwin about it, asking him questions about Jon (most likely to see if Jon was ready enough).

When was Pycelle ever prudent about not wanting to kill such a big threat? 40.000 Dothraki united because of the marriage of a pregnant 14 year old girl? Daenerys' death would undo that threat to the 7 Kingdoms in one blow.

Jon Connington killed the Maester, because the maester was making multiple attempts to warn anyone about the GC striking. They say a maester should be loyal to his keep, no matter how many times it changes hands, but if you've served someone loyaly for seventeen years, and suddenly this other guy comes in, kills people, locks people up, and claims the lands, you'd try to warn those you've been serving loyally, now wouldn't you?

And what do you mean about the Martells? When meeting them? The Martells have 2 maesters, one at the Water Gardens, one at Sunspear. Caleotte and Myles.


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[Doran] is a cautious man, a reasoned man, subtle, deliberate, even indolent to a degree. He is a man who weighs the consequences of every word and every action.

Tywin Lannisters precise words ring through any discussion of Doran Martell and Dorne. Catious, reasoned, subtle and deliberate however are not words anyone from the wall to sunspear would call the action of befriending the Bloody mummers. They are too reckless, unruly, spontaneous and downright bloodthirsty to be part of any subtle , well aimed or targetted scheme. Its quite like playing cyvasse with a board full of rabid dogs. None of this however means that their decisions are bereft of Dornish influence. Of all the similarities you drew out between Oberyn and the Mummers most of them are infact common to Oberyn and Qyburn. Of all the possible 'friendships' needed for your grand plot, by far the most likely is this one. We have seen in the pages above how effective a maester can be in influencing the decisions of his lord. Could we put Qyburn past gently pushing the goat to switch sides, cripple Jamie and sweetly point towards where the wealth lies in a land foriegn to him (septs). Qyburn has proven to be a rather convincing and usefull man and would definitely be able to mobilise reason for all these actions. The north winning the war, putting a dangerous enemy out of the battle and well, the gifts of gold. I am not sure how long Qyburn has stayed with the Mummers but he could definitely have been planted by Doran. His movements too are suspicious, suddenly leaving his lord to go to the capital, his knowledge of Dorne and his keen eye for the Sparrow movement.

Another point that has been said before but must be stressed is it simply doesn't take a few, even many, burned septs to raise a radical mob, that don't side with any family in the war, that specifically bring the Lannisters to their knees, make themself a military power and that put to question all lf the unjust acts of that one house. There are simply too many factors in such a movement. It would be very simplistic for the Martells to think that burning a few septs will have these precise results. It's quite like saying Hitler got thrown out of art school, one thing led to another and America dropped an atom bomb on the soveriegn nation of Japan. It might be true but it doesn't quite explain anything and ignores millions of factors. However the High Sparrow himself, charismatic, zealous to the point of breaking, politically smart (and did i mention awfully dashing :) ) could be a plant of the Martells. It would probably be the only way they had the ability to give direction to such a strong and unbelievably successfull movement. This however is unlikely as Doran saysthe High Septon is 'no one's puppet'. That could be Doran's doublespeak but i doubt it.

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