RULES FOR TOP 5 For the top 5 sigils there won't be any hints given. Please guess your top 5 picks all in one post from lowest to highest like this: #5 The Sigil of House Lil Ghost #4 The Sigil of House Bridgeburners #3 The Sigil of House Kyoshi #2 The Sigil of House Castellan #1 The Sigil of House Bori You will be awarded 10 points for each correct guess as long as your list stays in the same order. I will reveal the answers one at a time and you will have the chance to change your list BUT you will lose 2 points each time you do. So if the above list is your guess and The Sigil of House Lil Ghost is revealed as the #5 answer you receive 10 points. You can then decide to keep your lists the same, in which case you will still be able to get 10 points for the next round if The Sigil of House Bridgeburners is revealed as the #4 answer or 0 points if it is something else. Or You can arrange the order of the remaining 4 on your list in any way you would like, take a sigil off your list and put another in its place, take all 4 off your list and put up 4 more in their place or any combination of these. In which case you would then receive 8 points for your #4 answer if it is revealed to be correct. If The Sigil of House Bridgeburners is revealed to be the answer for the #5 sigil you would get 0 points for that round. You can arrange/remove/add the remaining sigils on your list however you would like or keep the list the same just removing House Bridgeburners as an answer. However in any of the above cases you would only be eligible to receive 8 points for the next round. When one of your guesses is revealed out of the order you listed them in that changes the order of your guesses whether you leave the remaining the same or not. Again with the #3 guess: if you arranged/missed an answer between 5 & 4, and again between 4 & 3 and the #3 answer matches yours you would receive 6 points for that answer. You can arrange/remove/add as many times as you would like between rounds you still only lose 2 points. You will continue to get 10 points per round as long as your guesses continue to match the answers and they have not been arranged/removed/added. I hope this makes sense. I'm pretty sure I did it the same way TC did but if there is any confusion please let me know! #5 answer revealed Saturday August 16th at 8 PM EST Good luck! :cheers: