This thread is dedicated to the kind imps, bastards and singers over at the Small Questions v. 10105 thread. Lets decode the specifics. 1. The question is: Do we know what happens to the warg's real body as they are in another human or animal? For instance... when Bran slips in to Hodor's mind, is Bran's own body just sitting motionless against a tree trunk (or whatever). I assume a warg cannot communicate/function as normal while in two bodies at once? There is evidence that Bran is in a comatose-type of state, still alive and breathing, but his consciousness is fully elsewhere. We have this from Bran in Dance: “Summer was snarling and snapping as he danced around the closest, a great ruin of a man wreathed in swirling flame. He shouldn’t get so close, what is he doing? Then he saw himself, sprawled facedown in the snow. Summer was trying to drive the thing away from him. What will happen if it kills me? the boy wondered. Will I be Hodor for good or all? Will I go back into Summer’s skin? Or will I just be dead?” <<<Apparently Bran has the same questions we do  And it appears that once a changer or warg is in another body, then the real/main body hangs out and goes limp.  1a. What is Bran's body doing while inside Bloodraven's cave and he is mentally "in" Hodor? Ok. Sounds pretty clear. But wait! There's more... 2. There is another example, and it may be an elective thing that Bran has not figured out, yet.  When Arya is blind and she is attacked with a stick, she uses the vision of a cat (felines are supposed to be the most difficult to warg) to see the attacks while she physically responds to the attacks.  Well huh?!?! This sounds clearly like Arya is using the cat while she is not only conscious, but in active battle. Could it be that because she is not fully "in the cat", just using it's eyes, that she can retain her consciousness and her own skillful fighting technique? 3. We can almost believe this based on what we know about Varamyr and his eagle. He is using the eagle to scout and he is able to tell what he sees at the same time... and not unconscious and slumped up against a tree: "Banners," he heard Varamyr murmur, "I see golden banners, oh . . ." A mammoth lumbered by, trumpeting, a half-dozen bowmen in the wooden tower on its back. "The king . . . no . . ." Then the skinchanger threw back his head and screamed. The sound was shocking, ear-piercing, thick with agony. Varamyr fell, writhing, and the 'cat was screaming too . . . and high, high in the eastern sky, against the wall of cloud, Jon saw the eagle burning. For a heartbeat it flamed brighter than a star, wreathed in red and gold and orange, its wings beating wildly at the air as if it could fly from the pain. Higher it flew, and higher, and higher still." 4. And what's with this line: and the 'cat was screaming too. Is he able to control two animals at once... or is that small piece of his mind in the cat enough to keep it enthralled while he is skin-changing the eagle? Clearly there is still some conflict. Varamyr also rode his bear into battle, and said that the bear hated him and wanted to kill him.  So he must have been warging the bear while physically capable of fighting or at least holding on. 5. Sooo, does training have anything to do with these different levels of control? Are they 'stages' of control? Can more than one skinchanger/warg take an animal at a time (while they are both alive)? Please discuss. We need to decode the specifics! Here is a link to the search site if you want to do a little snooping research Here is a link to the ASOIAF wiki if you need a little changer/warg hierarchy-rule system refresher