I assume that Davos and Jon sent him to Winterfell last week. Not a good idea to bring him to the meeting with Cersei. Davos after all told him to be Clovis, a smith for WF. He's a fast runner and it was several days at least for Jonerys to sail from Eastwatch to Dragonstone and to KL, back to DS and now to White Harbor. Think he pops up in WF first episode of S8. @Booknerd2 I agree with your comparison to his aFfC Cameo. The moment that Brienne arrives at the Crossroads Inn (aka Orphans Inn), it's nothing but Arya, Arya, Arya, Arya. It's as if Gendry surrounds himself with it as a reminder. Epi 6 used a Arya-Gendry theme: in the books Gendry's said to be "strong", but Arya's "quicker". They boast about it when Arya challenged him the first time to a duel, at that inn, before the Gold Cloaks show up. At the Acorn Hall tumble in the smithy, Gendry's the strong one, and Arya's quicker. As there is a pattern of verbal or physical tiffs between them (where at least it's play from Gendry), the Acorn Hall tumble is far more intense, as he calls her nice in a nice dress, almost looking like a "proper" girl, and how she smells nice too. But it strongly leaves an impression that the two would have another tumble in the future (a rain check). Arya beats him for being quicker and kneeing him. When he volunteers for the BwB, they warn him "you won't be stealing any kisses of a princess." In order for him to steal a kiss from Princess Arya, he'd need to be as fast as her. Back to the show: For some reason Jon calls Gendry the "fastest", and sure, he runs faster than the Flash. Meanwhile we have an unrealistically strong Arya who can parry a blow by Brienne's heavy longsword (training one with blunted tip), and in the finale Sansa calls her the "stronger one". (courtesy Meera of Tarth). Given the duel with Brienne, yes, Gendry needs to be the fastest one, if he were ever to have a tumble scene with Arya and steal a kiss from the princess (a smithy tumble scene they didn't do in S3. At the time the actress and Arya were still very young and might have looked too physical exciting) Then we have Brienne also telling the Hound that Arya's in no need of protection anymore, but the one standing in her way or stopping her would require protection. And the Hound smiles proud like a father about that. Except we once saw Gendry stop Arya before: from killing the Hound after he defeated Beric. We could imagine Arya wanting to steal off to strike a name of her list, especially when it becomes clear that Cersei lied. Only one who'd like to run after her and stop her is Gendry. She's never angry with Gendry over that in S3 (as she is with Lem in the books) for stopping her from killing Sandor, and while hurt, she's also understanding of his choice with the BwB and puts Beric and Thoros on her list for selling him to the witch. So, I can't see her be angry or remain angry with him if he stops her for going to say take Cersei's face. I think that was the allusion of the smashed faces by the hammer in epi 5. Then in epi5 and  6 we also have Arya saying something about pretty things, pretty dresses, and Cersei's pretty face. The Acorn Hall scene is one of the few occasions that we see Arya wear a dress (and after she ruins the first one with the fight, she gets even a prettier one, purple with baby pearls), Lady Smallwood calls her pretty, etc... I'm half expecting Sansa to coax Arya into wearing a dress and doing her hair in S8. Oh and we had Thoros call Gendry a "proper lad", (a mirror of "proper girl"). So, they're meta-mixing some keywords about these two over and over since Gendry's reappearance.