ACROPHILIA #19: EXTREME EDITION   Welcome to this extreme edition of Acrophilia. It was mad before, in this version it's even madder! This time, clues in each round will be split up into mini-themes, with a further puzzle to work out after the mini-themes. Hopefully, this will become clearer as the rounds come.   This is how Round One will look, to use it as an example:   1a) Character 1 clue 1b) Character 2 clue 1c) Character 3 clue   2a) Character 4 clue 2b) Character 5 clue 2c) Character 6 clue   3a) Character 7 clue 3b) Character 8 clue 3c) Character 9 clue   Each number has a mini-theme, so there are three mini-themes here. These mini-themes together will be a clue to something else, an overall theme. The game will proceed as a normal game of Acrophilia does. You will receive a character and an acronym to work on and submit a clue. You will get the usual prelims plus a preliminary guess at each mini-theme in rounds one and three. Round two will be a little different. You may also ask one yes/no question about whatever you like.   Points Scoring: Clues: 2 points per correct answer to the clues Mini-themes: 3 points per correct answer to the mini-themes Overall theme: 5 points Favourite clues: 1 point per favourite clue vote.   If you would like to sign up, please send your host – Dolorous Gabe – a PM with the subject reading “Acrophilia Extreme: [your board name here]” I have decided to make it optional to play in pairs. Let me know in your PM entry if you would like to do so. We are playing in pairs   Players:   1. Julia H. 2. Jez Bell 3. Castellan 4. a free shadow 5. Raisin' Bran 6. She Who Must Be Obeyed 7. Fragile Bird 8. Ser Not Appearing   Pairs:   1. a free shadow and Jez Bell 2. Julia H. and Raisin' Bran 3. Castellan and Ser Not Appearing 4. Fragile Bird and She Who Must Be Obeyed