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Westeros M2:TW mod- Alpha Map

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I have a suggestion and I'd like to know if its possible...

*spoilers for A Feast For Crows*

I know how Doran Martell secretly plotted to ruin life for House Lannister. Will it be possible to replace the "Mongols" with the Targaryens led by Daenerys, or even Barristan Selmy? That would be great, if the Martells find themselves sworn to Daenerys' army returned to Westeros, however far through the game it is.

You could have the Unsullied as a unit, obviously, and other units like "Targaryen Retainers", who could perhaps be Pentoshi sellswords from Illyrio Mopatis. We don't have to show the dragons, we could just give Daenerys a larger army. We don't need to show Across the Narrow Sea, we just need to have th Targaryens land on Dragonstone...

*finish spoilers*

Retinues/Ancillaries, adopted from aeoleron's list:


Grandmaester Pycelle

Ilyn Payne



Meera and Jojen Reed

Maester Qyburn

Archmaester Marwyn

Vargo Hoat - The Goat Lord of the Bloody Mummers or the Brave Companions as they call themselves, instills fear into the hearts of all smallfolk and warriors alike. (+1 Dread, adds a Brave Companion)

Salladhor Saan - Salladhor Saan is a naval genius. Few of his like are seen, but his contemporaries include the Crow's Eye, Paxter Redwyne and Aurane Waters. (+1 Command at sea, adds a Lyseni Sellsail Captain)


Timett, son of Timett


Areo Hotah


Osha, the Wildling


Brienne of Tarth


Syrio Forel

Sandor Clegane


"Imprecise" Retinues

Maester of the Citadel - The Maesters have served as advisors to lords in Westeros since Aegon's Landing at least. (+1 Loyalty?)

Brave Companion - The Brave Companions are ruthless bastards, killers and murderers. (-1 Chivalry, +1 Dread)

Braavosi Bravo - The Bravos from Across the Narrow Sea are skilled fighters, elegant but deadly like the rapiers they wield. 'Tis a rare thing for a Westerosi lord to win the heart of a Bravo. (+1 Command, +1 Lyalty)

Norvoshi Bearded Man

Faceless Man of Braavos - The Faceless Men are the most adept murderers in the Known World, from Asshai-by-the-Shadow to the Summer Islands. (+1 Subterfuge)

Qartheen Warlock

Ibbenese Whaler - The Ibbenese are whalers and merchants, skilled at their trade. Though not very extravagant, their presence adds a flavour to the poorer districts of any town. (-1 Squalor)


Septa/Septon - A Septa/Septon represents the Faith of the Seven and their confidence in any single lord, giving a divine preference to any lordling. (+1 Piety)

Knight of the Faith Militant - The Knights of the Faith Militant are fast in their piety and valour. Their fervour inspires their companions. (+1 Command, +2 Piety)

Lyseni Sellsail Captain - Lyseni Sellsails are the bane of the Summer Islanders, raiding and plundering frmo the Dornish Stepstones to Tall Tree Town. (+1 Command at sea, +1 Dread)

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I think Marcus's call was that for now, we do the War of the Five Kings. Maybe if this mod comes out of hibernation, we could do War of the Three Queens as well :P . That's my 0.02 USD.

I like the idea of the imprecise retinues though, especially the whaler. Damn, why didn't I think of that! Great ideas. I'm sure when Aeleron9 and Marcus Brutus come out of hibernation (e.g. they actually continue working on the mod, though I appreciate it is dependant on their free time) your opinions get noted. If it's possible, include a short unit description with it as well.

The Targaryen landing could work though. I personally want to wait till aDwD before scripting such an event.

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pleasant to see that there are still knights around in this forum.

Although I cannot contribute to this mod in any technical ways (a fact that I regret very much), I can at least boost morale by assuring You (the modders and everyone who drops by in here) that there are plenty of fans out there who are more than eager to see this mod come true.

I understand the time-problem for the modders - real life does, of course, still take precedence.

I wish you all the best and I try to come up with some ideas to be included.

Best regards,


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