Hi everyone, I want to share something fun again in the maps. If you haven't read the first one, "Rhaegar's Metaphorical Rubies", please read it first or you will be confused.   It requires an open mind and a very very unconventional analysis of ASOIAF. Let's say that post is "Map Theory 101", this post is "Map Theory 102"   And you will automatically hate this post if you haven't read 101 yet.   A summary from 101:  Given a blank piece of paper to draw a map, would GRRM really randomize all his lines, points and names? Or is it another opportunity to hide secret messages in his work?   Before I start, I want to say deciphering this was harder than 101. And you will need elements of the map, wordplay and history for this.   Let's begin:   From 101, I have demonstrated that "The Twins" (seat of House Frey, but has nothing to do with the family) is a wordplay. The Trident splits there to Greywater Watch and points to Winterfell...symbolizing twins were separated to Winterfell & Greywater Watch.    From 101, Riverrun (nothing to do with House Tully) did the same thing for the theoretical Lannister-Targaryen twins...but Riverrun had a different word-play.   To start, you will need a map with the most details, with all the FULL names of all the towns in Westeros. The UK-version of the map in ASOS is good. The US version won't show it. (How poetic for Tolkien!) https://atlasoficeandfireblog.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/asos-westeros-uk.jpg   The answer:   Riverrun is part of the water system of the Trident. Riverrun is also part of the RiveRRoad. (Something GRRM & JRRT have in common? lol)   What are the two places adjacent to Riverrun along the RiveRRoad?   Golden Tooth, Riverrun, Inn of the Kneeling Man   Now the secret code for this map is: First of the first, Middle in the middle, Last of the last. Don't ask me why, it just is.    (G)olden Tooth, Rive(RR)un, Inn of the Kneeling (M)an   GRRM initials are decoded in the Westeros map! And his initials are in the vicinity of the Rhaegar Ruby Map too!     How is Tolkien involved? Before I answer that, why is "The Inn of the Kneeling Man"'s name is so odd and so damn long?  It sticks out so much in the UK map.   Since we are playing around with letters anyways, lets play with letters in the IOTKM, without "Man" (saving that for later): (I)nn (O)f (T)he (K)(N)(E)e(L)ing = Tolkien   You guys calling BS? Calling coincidence?   Let me explain why not. IOTKM: This name is oddly long and sticks out on the map. It is the location where King ToRRheN Stark bent the knee to Aegon Targaryen after hearing the tales of Harrenhal, the Field of Fire and his dragons. What is a better name for this location that we can all probably agree on? ...Inn of the Kneeling King
You want customers right? You need a catchy name!
We wouldn't call Jaime Lannister the Man-Slayer if he killed a king...right? Why not use "King", but use "Man"? ....to force-fit his GRR(M) initials in this Easter Egg. What does all this symbolize? It's up for debate.
To me...GRR(M) as the (M)an, bends the knee to Tolkien...no arguments needed after hearing all his tales. Some GRRM Trolling:
Guess who first narrates the history behind this Inn? ...Jaime.
In this Jaime ASOS chapter, he first brings up the history of this Inn after he laughs about it. Later in the chapter, Jaime recalls his story of why he is called the Kingslayer.
Perhaps if Jaime recalls his Kingslayer story first, and then mentions the Inn of the Kneeling Man, readers may suspect why it's not named the Inn of the Kneeling King .....sneaky GRRM. Fun Fact:
In the book TWOIAF, the back cover contains two artwork: - Rhaegar Targaryen at the Trident, with his rubies in his armor - King Torrhen Stark bending the knee to Aegon Targaryen .....both incidents involving my map theories   Coincidence?