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AGoT Music from a slightly different angle

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Almost any song from Wishbone Ash's Argus; but more specifically "The King Will Come" could maybe go with Robb marching off to war; "Leaf and Stream" maybe after a particularly grueling ravishment of Dany by Drogo; "Warrior", good before most any battle scene, and "Throw Down the Sword" for most any battle aftermath.

And if one wanted to go the quasi-medieval route, Blackmore's Night has lots of good songs blending rock and renaissance with shadings of 1001 nights. Many of these are instrumental pieces that could actually be used as background music without detracting from the mood.

Apologies for lack of links, but most can be found on youtube.

On another musical note, am I the only one who found the electric guitar in the opening credits of Boardwalk Empire strangely incongruous?

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sorry, i dont know how to do that spoiler thingo so sorry if this gives anything away~

from the top of my head:

massive attack - prayer for englandthis track for when dany attacks meereen . reboot footage of her journey to the city and the children nailed up on the posts - then meshed with some epic battle scenes.

for when jon looses ygritte...maybe he's journey from the storm where he gets away , through to moments of him alone in castle black trying to go on and prepare for the attack...

for when arya enters the house of the many faced god...the big pool in the water, the people dying in the little alcoves..the darkness

led zeppelin - babe im gonna leave youjaime receiving the letter from cersei, ripping it up, chucking it in the fire, riding away..cersei waiting for jaimie, being harrassed by sparrows

olafur arnalds - faunfor Eddard doing away with Lady, Sansa retreating into herself, Lady being taken back to Winterfell, the wolves howling when they sense her...

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