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[Book Spoilers] Everything There Is

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I wanted to comment on LF's monologue, but since that particular thread is closed, I had to go ahead and start a new one. Hope that's alright?

Anyway, I wasn't crazy about that ep, but mainly I wanted to agree with those who thought Petyr's monologue was too on-the-nose if not totally unnecessary. I think it was also way too gratuitous, and I'm not just referring to the girl-on-girl action. For Petyr to tip his hand like that just seemed WAY out of character to me. This is a man who advises people not to trust him, and then he turns around and spills out his intentions to a couple of employees? What makes him think he can trust a pair of whores, of all people? Who's to say they don't whisper his secrets to their clients? If he was Euron, he'd have their tongues cut out before he'd even consider telling them anything personal about himself.

It just seems wrong for him to trust anyone with such info. It pulls back the curtain too early, and makes him too obviously "the bad guy" too soon in the storyline.

Anyway, that's my tuppence.

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