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David bc

[book spoilers] No Storms End = No Edric Storm?

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to be honest they havent neccesarily cut shireen, or edric. Melisandre says that "she has bore you no sons, only stillborns" or something like that, that isnt strong enough imo to completely rule out putting her in later.As for Edric, they havent neccesarily cut him,though that is still likely, as the whole edric storm/courtnay penrose thing was essentially for the purpose of davos getting to see the whole shadow birth thing and to fill up time while other characters did their thing. Now they've shown the birth thing, he could just be on dragonstone, and they could say that he came from storms end, as that plot fills up alot of stannis time in early ASoS, so the producers still may want him as a way to fill up screen time

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