GRRM Blurring the Line between Life and Death Remember back when we all read AGOT for the first time, and we were shocked by Ned Stark's execution because - holy shit! - GRRM just killed off somebody important? :eek: And there was no way Ned survived that, after all - because characters had been dying since the prologue, and aside from a handful of wights north of the wall, well... dead was dead. (( :ack: )) Now flash forward a few years. Here we are still reading these books, and the list of dead characters only continues to grow. But a funny thing has happened since Ned's undisputed execution back in book one. Over the next 4,000 pages or so, it has become increasingly difficult to draw that line between life and death; and the subset of "dead" characters or figures who still live - in one fashion or another - is not small. So just for kicks, and in no particular order, here is a working list of characters who, at one point or another along the way, have been left for dead - only to reappear among the living. I'm sure there are other names that could be added to the list. Let me know who I've left off, and I'll be happy to add them to the set. [**PLEASE, please... if you haven't finished reading the books, be aware that there are SPOILERS ahead. I am not using spoiler code here, because I am posting this topic in a location where users are assumed to have read the books.] (Original list posted several weeks ago on the Heresy 75 thread)

CHARACTERS (circumstances of death / life)
- Patchface (washes up dead 3 days after shipwreck of the Windproud / revived inexplicably, but never the same) - Rickon Stark (dead per Theon and Ramsay / alive per Wex) - Bran Stark (dead per Theon and Ramsay / alive per Wex)
- Arya Stark (believed lost and dead / then "found" and married to Ramsay Bolton / ...but the real Arya is alive in Braavos, still learning how to be "dead") - Beric Dondarrion (actually dead / then actually undead / repeat ad nauseum) - Catelyn Stark (actually dead / then actually undead)
- Davos Seaworth (counted as lost on the Blackwater / reappears among the living after unlikely rescue) - Davos Seaworth, again (reported as executed by Wyman Manderly / still among the living) - Renly Baratheon (killed by Stannis' shadow / ...reappears as a ghost during the Battle of the Blackwater)
- Jon Connington (once "dead" / now "reborn") - Drowned Men (ironmen ritually drowned / awaken as priests of the Drowned God) - Various Skinchangers (may die multiple times in animals / "true death" followed by second life as bonded animal?) - Aeron Greyjoy (lost at sea during Greyjoy Rebellion / washes up to spiritual reawakening)
- Euron Greyjoy (thought dead or lost / suddenly back on the scene)
- Theon Greyjoy (assumed dead / then just psychologically dead / now sorta alive again)
- Ramsay Bolton (supposedly beheaded by Ser Rodrick Cassel / turns out he was Reek all along)
- Brynden Rivers (assumed dead / found hiding in a tree at 125 yrs old)
- Sandor Clegane (dead to sin / but digging graves on the Quiet Isle... or is it the Hound who is dead? ;) )
- Gregor Clegane (dead as far as the Dornish know / ...but who the hell is Robert Strong?)
- Khal Drogo (alive but dying / then "alive" but "what is life," really? / then actually dead) - Rhaego (was kicking as Dany began labor / yet at birth the child had been "dead for years")
- Joanna Lannister (dead for years / but reappears to Jaime and tells him he's not dreaming) - Mance Rayder (publicly executed by fire/crossbow at the Wall / actually glamour-switched with Rattleshirt) - Stannis Baratheon- (dead according to "the Pink Letter", only time will tell if it's true kinda like Jon Snow right? Same chapter) - Elder Brother of Quiet Isle (died during battle of Trident, lives a second life on Quiet Isle)
- Shireen Baratheon (alive, has greyscale / already dead per Val)
- Jaqen H'ghar (dead, but as a FM the man formally known as Jaqen can change identities)
- Pate, Citadel novice (killed in AFFC prologue / reappears among the living in last chapter...)
- Morroquo (assumed dead, lost at sea / picked up by Iron Fleet 10 days later) - Aegon Targaryon (supposedly brained as an infant / apparently rescued by Varys) - Daenerys Targaryon (dead as far as the Meerenese are concerned / actually not dead) - Jon Snow (at the end of ADWD, well... is he dead or alive, folks? Only time will tell... ) - The Old Powers (formerly "asleep," now "awake," per Mirri Maz Duur) - Dragons (the last dragon died 100+ years ago, but don't tell Drogon...) - Direwolves (haven't been seen south of the Wall in 200 years, until AGOT Chapter 1) - Children of the Forest (long dead, according to Ned Stark and Maester Luwin; Bran Stark and Bloodraven know better)