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  1. I agree except with the last sentence. Cersei is truly something else. She abuses Tommen and actively ruins his life. Cat at least loves her children, even if she neglects some of them. Otherwise she is a strangely cold person, I can't really sympathise with her. She is uneccessarily cold and judgemental towards her brother, her sister and Littlefinger YET she still wrongly trusts Lysa and Petyr! Goddammit! What a frustrating character.
  2. This is not an option. It's not that he woke up and decided to send Theon anywhere. It was their plan, probably mostly Theon's idea. They were close friends cooking up a scheme together. There was no point at which Robb could have said "On second thought, stay with me for no reason and my mom goes to treat with you family" How on earth would he sell that to Theon? (his bff, with whom he intends to be lifelong allies as kings of neighbor kingdoms until they die of old age) Also practically, it would have only ended with Cat being taken prisoner, which is also not a good outcome - At all - since Robb would have absolutely hated sacrificing his mother, so he'd end up in a way weaker position. Robb made pretty much the right decision, considering no one could have predicted the extent of Balon's insanity. That shit was just not Robb's fault.
  3. I really like this take btw. I don't think the first option refusing is necessary to have this realisation of "So you are seeing/planning that too! Let's get to it!" That would just be perfect.
  4. There is often wisdom in crack! (I'll never forget the crack theory of why that guy always says Hodor. I heard it hear first, actually.)
  5. This thread answers one question without a doubt: This is not a widely held theory! I will take full credit then. Hence why it's better not stay within one Westeros religion, but to go for spiritual meaning behind it all. Yeah because they all are him - the one (who is seven). Dirfferent aspects of what is needed to save the world.
  6. You mean the Blackfish tried to manipulate Edmure to marry a Frey? Well that would be some nerve! YOU marry a Frey first and not hide behind your nephew, coward. Honestly if he got how important that was, he should have at least offered his old ass for a double wedding.
  7. For me that's two different things. All/much of mankind/Westeros working together and the actual hero or heroes of the story. Our main heores clearly are not just stand ins for different fractions of Westeros, or we wouldn't need a dozen Starks, we would need one PoV from every kingdom at least and we don't have that,
  8. Seven is a huge thing in the faith of the seven, as well as Judasim and following that Christianity and following that European fairy tales and everything. Seven is never arbitrary it's just a big thing. However I am actively combining the Faith of the 7, the Lord of Light thing AND the Old Gods AND the Drowned God, I mentioned all that (Bran, Theon). I would also say that I put the many faced god in there, but the very point of the many faced god is that he is all gods, or the truth behind all gods. Why would we separate these relegions? They are all parts of the same puzzle that is ASoIaF and even in universe they are acklowleged to be part of the same truth. I'd definitely hate if the heroes of that story somehow belong to the worst religion, that's all about bruning people alive in order to clean them, ew. That's just one aspect, even if they happened to create the name "Azor Ahai". . 1. Great point tbh... 3. Excluded him for not being PoV. Idk I feel AA, the prince that was promised etc should be a PoV or several. Same for Ser Pounce
  9. If you are right, than my prediction is that those 7 people will come to beleive they are Azor Ahai, act on it and collectively succeed somehow or come close to suceeding. (and I don't think Stannis counts as he won't be there for the showdown IMO and is just not a hero in this story, nor Rheagar) I can see that prophesies might be vague bs, but all the talk of AA must still pay off somehow, plot-wise. Just like Cersei must be killed by the valonquar, whoever that is, even if it's just a self fulfilling prophesy... Though I'm just thinking it would be kind of fun if she just drunkenly fell on her head... XD but readers don't like to much anti-climax and attempting to save the world is somewhat serious business in ASoIaF.
  10. Yes, Edmure is the best. The best lord anyway. The Balckfish on the other hand is a bone headed a-hole. Because he's a dick. He hates Edmure for no good reason, probably jealous of his lordship, which is crazy for a man who refuses to have heirs for - again - absoluetely no reason, but the Blackfish does not seem a balanced resonable follow, if you look at him closely. The Blackfish is where Cat learned her disrespect for Edmure. They are condescending him in teamwork, probably since he is a little kid. Now, I don't mean everybody needs to be all that sorry for Edmure. He survived and I think will survive well, but I'm saying Cat and the Blackfish are a couple of stupid dicks. Robb is clearly in the wrong, but I doubt is he flat out lying about his dissapointment of that plan not coming to pass. I'm very open to the idea that he wanted Edmure to marry a Frey before saying it out loud.
  11. Is this a widely held theory? I just thought of it myself, but I fell I must be the nth person. Either Jon or Dany being Azor Ahi would be lame kind of a total letdown about the other character (at least for fans of said character). In Dany's case Aemon flat out told us in book 4, like thanks for the spoiler, mate! In Jon's case Mel keeps hinting, even before she might have gotten it we did "I only see snow". Not exciting, not original, not a twist anyone would be proud of. Now those two could be Azor Ahai together, that seems fairer... but even puts a bit of cheese on the "totally predictable". I'm not a fan. Now 7 people would be fairly exciting and it would be a good reason for there to be so many characters and POVs in the story. IMO AA is: 1) Jon, duh 2) Dany, surprise 3) Bran - mythycal godlike savior figure on a hero's journey 4) Theon - godly in name, has the whole mythical Ironborn background and the dark twist of a Jesus story, tempted(only he took the bait unlike Jesus), tortured, mocked, reborn 5) Arya - also a mythical character, when you think of SEVEN people of any kind you can't help immidiately thining "Arya represents the stranger!" just fits I'm not that sure about the last two. My guess is: 6) Tyrion - main character, one of the original big 5, him being a dwarf seems a nice touch 7) Brienne - pure maid and total hero, would just fit But a point could be made for Sansa, Jamie, Davos....? Anyone agree, disagree? (Sorry if that's the nth thread on the topic, didn't see any)
  12. He is misinterpreted there. He is very aware that some people are more evil than others and some are completely evil. He directly rejects moral relativism! It's just that even the worst villain usually has other goals than just "to be evil". It's still interesting to understand them, although you can never accept them or live with them. As for Cersei psyche, you quite often hear the diagnosis "narcissistic personality disorder with antisocial elements" and I think this works quite nicely for Cersei. I would add some paranoid elements as well. I would say she is pretty much rotten by nature. Anyone else would have really loved their twin in her situation - losing her mother and having Tywin as a father. Look no further than Jamie! He coped by loving Cersei AND Tyrion. Loving your siblings, even disabled ones at whose births your mother died, is not and was never easier for males than females, on the contrary showing affection is encouraged in girls and somewhat discouraged in boys in sexist societies. Cersei seems to be for some reason incapable of loving and emphasizing with others mostly by nature. A bad egg.
  13. Theon was not at the kingsmoot. He was believed dead. The kingsmoot was a VERY out of the ordinary event, only made possible by the king naming his daughter his heir. So it's a very good example for my point. (Well, and by Euron claiming the crown after killing th king, Plus Theon was believed dead. And Damphair is quite creative, especially when it comes to oppossing Euron. Several issues came together tbh. Still no one whatsoever cares about Balon's will. Those who support Asha do it for her sake alone) I remember the citadel thing, but I think you are mixing the two stories up. Randyll tortured the maester plans out of Sam when he was much younger - a little kid was my impression. He sent him to the wall and threatened to kill him so that Dickon would be the heir, I think that is made pretty clear.
  14. WE can be 100% sure, when we see Varys take Aegon from Elia's arms and put him into Jon's. Kind of like in real life where we can be sure of many things which we expirienced first hand. Do DNA test play a huge role in your life? Do they in the succession to the throne in any monarchy anywhere today? No. So ... where is the difference? Well no, on the contrary, no lie ever prevails in ASoIaF. It is very important and consequential that Cersei's children are not Robert's. It starts a HUGE war and kills all those mentioned eventually (I guess). It is very important that Jon isn't Ned's bastard and it will not stay hidden. It matters a huge deal to everyone involved that Jeyne is not Arya. It's probably what brings Theon back, because he can't lie to himself like that, no matter how afraid he is. Jeyne, Jeyne it rhymes with pain. That is important. NOTHING is as important as the truth in ASoIaF. Balon also thinks he has that power. Quite apparently he is wrong. Maybe if people agreed with his choice, Seriously we never saw that working out ever, right? Randyll Tarly knows what's up and that he either has to kill Sam or send him to the wall to settle the issue. (Even though I bet Sam would actually be the one person who'd accept the slight without fight)
  15. Isn't there a scene in the books in which Arya can't help but cry at a song and doesn't even get what's happening? Somewhere in the forest? Anyone?