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  1. Who tried to kill Bran?

    Only if you assume someone wanted to kill Bran BECAUSE he had an accident, and why would you? Of course anyone's first guess would be Cersei or Jamie tried to finish the job, because of what happened, but then we learn they didn't. Then there is the - weak -argument of a mercy kill, but apparently that didn't happen. There is no other motive to kill Bran JUST BECAUSE he had an accident. (and seriously, Joff can pay an assassin to kill someone with a weapon worth a fortune - but only a cripple wh lies dying as everyone thought? That's just completely weird.) LF might have paid an assassin to kill one of the Stark boys, whenever the situation arises. Actually that would be an incredibly clever plan on his part. Only that I highly disagree that Joff craved Robert's approval. I don't see any other proof of this. It doesn't seem to matter for Joffrey's character development at all.
  2. Who tried to kill Bran?

    If it's not revisited I will 1) continue to be certain that it wasn't Joffrey as the text makes that completely plain to me.and 2) assume it was Littlefinger, as that makes the most sense with the information given, until the end of my days.
  3. Who tried to kill Bran?

    There was no reveal. How can you call Tyrion's dumb musings - while beyond angry at Joffrey - a reveal? That's like saying Cersei revealed that Tyrion and Sansa murdered Joffrey. No really, it is. If one Lannister comes to the conclusion that Joff hated Bran so much that he wanted to murder him, and one Lannister comes to the conclusion that Joff wanted to mercy-kill Bran (LOL forever at Jamie. It's like he never met the kid) because he was experiencing a fate worse than death and Joffrey thought he might impress Daddy Robert with the action (LMAO) ... we have two very strong clues that their conclusion is bs.
  4. Who tried to kill Bran?

    Definitely not Joff. I think it's hilariously obvious that he has no idea what Tyrion is confronting him about. Tyrion's reasoning is completely flawed and then Jaime comes up with a completely different, contradicting flawed reasoning fo why it's Joffrey. How could anyone assume they happen to be kind of right by accident? Usually if Lannisters are blamed for murders or murder attempts it's Littlefinger who is behind it, so I'm going with that.
  5. Theon, Archery and Redemption?

    Theon pretty much didn't smash a single cup at Winterfell. He does not need redemption for Ramsay's actions, but his own, especially his responsibility in the murder of the miller's wife and kids, murder of the ironborn who witnessed this and the poor guy he blamed for the latter and awful stuff like that (all my examples are of course also Ramsay's fault I just realize, but also Theon's). Definitely not the destruction of Winterfell, which he was a victim of himself. Re: Kinslayer. I mean Theon kind of agrees and keeps insisting that he is not a kinslayer, because it wasn't Bran and Rickon he slew (only in his head, not out loud of course). Also consider the idea that Theon should give Arya away in marriage as the closest thing to living kin. It is not so black and white. He is family to the Starks in a way. This puts him in the worst situation. Taking Winterfell was definitely a mistake that he could have avoided. He btw doesn't do that because he considers the Starks enemies and doesn't care about them. On the contrary he does it because he wants to go "home" (second try) and be the beloved lord of Winterfell. He would have said his motivation was proving his worth to his father, but why Winterfell specifically? It was crazy and desperate more than evil. It definitely was a mistake! For Westerosi standarts specifically? Come on. It sets him somewhere arguably between the Hound (who was just following orders when brutally slaying innocent kids) and Jaime ... who I have little excuse for, but even Jamie is a very sympathetic character and hardly deplorable BY WESTEROSI STANDARDS,
  6. I mean, don't want to change the topic, but he seems to be writing a perfectly good love story with Jaime and Brienne and I ship it, Happy ending not required. LOL Ok, maybe Jon has issues stemming from GRRM's issues, but that doesn't mean they will go all the way. I don't think the idea of siblings falling in forbidden love, only to be relieved to learn they aren't siblings, is automatically awful. On the contrary, it sounds interesting. I saw that on a soap opera once and it kept my attention for a week or two, true story. So I'm not outraged by GRRM thinking that up. I just really, really don't think it worked out with Jon and Arya, the way they and their relationship developed. Arya still being a little kid, just now severly traumatized, by itself would be enough but it's not the only thing. It would be completely bizarre in a bad way. I just can't imagine he'll be willing and able to write that... ...Maybe another reason WoW doesn't come out?
  7. Theon, Archery and Redemption?

    Yes, Reek is not going to think "At least I always rock at archery, no matter how many fingers he cut off. I'm sure I have a bright heroic future in front of me as soon as I get rid of this annoying little Ramsay problem" He obviously needs to get there somehow and surprise himself. He doesn't even know he's fictional.
  8. Cool, I did not notice, reading fast for plot. (Do you see a connection to the 163 crucified slave children and masters in Meereen? I think it were 163. That's not the same number, but still. Similar fate to the Ironborn as well.)
  9. Is R´hllor real god in ASOIAF

    I don't think he exists in the story or at least there will be no confirmation. The magic is real, but so is Bran's old gods magic or the Faceless Men's magic. Drowned God's magic is not absolutely certain, but it does seem so with Patchface ect. And they all stand for something meaningfull. All men most certainly must die, that seems to be an important part of GRRM's world! Actual god-creatures are not needed behind the magic and the symbolisms.
  10. Theon, Archery and Redemption?

    But he has those on both hands, right? Yeah, he is breaking good, but he is also becoming himself, putting great importance on his birthname and probably being more himself than before Reek, as he was somewhat of a fake and pretender - "the Prince of Winterfell". He is the anti-Gollum.
  11. Euch, I wouldn't mind to keep the incest to a minimum. I will never get how this appeals to people as a romantic possibility. (growing up as actual siblings is the problem of course, not being cousins. Being aunt and nephew on the other hand, euch) Just let Jon be single until the end of the series, please. I hope GRRM saw the light after actually writing their sweet sibling relationship. The lack of 5 year gap should do the rest.
  12. Theon, Archery and Redemption?

    He is clearly not, as already disclosed in DwD. He is Theon again, thriumphing over torture and dehumanisation. An inspiring story. Yes OP, I noticed Jon's musings and I do think Theon's achery will play an important role. More than oppositte Ramsay I see Theon standing in the snow pointing dragonglass arrows at Others.I don't know how he is placed among the best archers in the history of Westeros, but I'm sure he is the most important archer we have in ASoIaF. As for his fingers, either they suffice or he'll just have to grow new ones. Nuncle Victarion has a new hand, so there don't seem to be many limits to magic anymore.
  13. Child of Ice and Fire: More harmful than helpful

    There are two opinions in that sentence that I disagree with. It CAN BE the moral choice to sacrifice the few for the many. It really depends. Never can it be the moral choice to give one child up for rape and torture (or say, burn one alive) not even if it hinders the sun from exploding. In such a case the damn sun sucks and shall explode! How does the quote go? What is the life of one bastard boy compared with the wellbeing of the realm? Davos: Everything.
  14. Child of Ice and Fire: More harmful than helpful

    A co-conspirator by being somewhat informed doesn't deserve any credit, and only limited consideration and blame. Yes, if you know of an awful crime being planned, you need to inform the police or you share some respnsibility. If you hinder the resistance from freeing innocent prisoners from a fascist regime, you also share some of the responsibility, though. I hope your concience will guide you well. For Jon to actively work against Arya escaping Ramsay is a completely bizarre thought. Also, it would have been morally wrong. So Jon did nothing wrong, did hardly anything at all, and a potentially dangerous situation still arose by Ramsay threatening the wall. As Ramsay is constantly a threat to all human beings that shouldn't be that much of a surprise. I guess the guy gotta die. (and I seriously hope you can see how this is not a bad outcome that does more harm than good to the world). Not everything is caused by Jon. PS: Jon Snow and his band of heroes are gonna save the world or die trying. Don't say no one warned you.
  15. Whats your top 10 favourite characters?

    1. Arya 2. Theon 3. Brienne 4. Hound 5. Jon 6. Varys 7. Bran 8. Jaime 9. Sam 10. Margaery Not sure about the last three! Might change.