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  1. Exactly, you know your Freys! Besides that (and there is multiple instances of both,him reciting the line of succession and claiming he will be Lord regardless, including one time when they are told about a relative's death) he is splattered with blood and has bloody gloves after finding LW's persumably frozen corpse. It's pretty on the nose, I don't even think it was meant to be a huge mystery. The creppiest, most fun (in a dark way) explanation is the obvious one. Big Walder seized the opportunity of the unsolved murders and climbed up another step.
  2. Wait, Big Walder is the little psycho who murdered Little Walder, because he was before him in the line of succession, isn't he? Pretty sure Big Walder is the worst. Cat would have definitely forced Arya or tried to. I can't see her givng in, she could always run away, become a silent sister for a time, marry someone else in secret, the possibilities are endless if you are as headstrong as Arya.
  3. No one knows whether a girl still has her maidenhead unless she falls pregnant or is very public about her sex life. Basically Robb was afraid of havng created a bastard with Jeyne.and probably way too naive to in any way consider moon tea. (Plus other facts like he probably didn't want to lose the solace of Jeyne's arms because he was just that needy/vulnerable at the moment) Jon on the other hand was able to forget about the issue. Whatever he claims he'd never do, he could have easily fathered a bastard, and he seemed to care more for his duties regarding the Night's Watch than that, So according to canon Robb is the one who is more hung up about it. You are turning this around with no evidence. And yes it's obviously sympathetic that Robb only wanted to do the right thing, as well as that he is so sensitive about bastards although it didn't really concern him personally. . As for Walder, he would have done what seemed best for himself, but to get two Starks to marry is a very powerful promise. You'll notice how popular a marriage canditate Sansa is and how Ramsay pretends to marry Arya EVEN AFTER the Starks are beaten. t's still a great ticket to Winterfell and the whole North. Having Robb's baby would even beat having one of the sisters. I can't see Wlader letting go of that outlook very easily. That marriage might have well actually doomed Robb.
  4. Well, it doesn't fit if it's not true. Am I missing something here? There is no indication that Jon takes it to a deeper level either. Robb takes all the way to breaking his word and losing a war as soon as he slips up and does have sex. Jon pretty much risks creating a wildling, whose people he BETRAYS with much less issue. I would say Robb takes the topic more serious. He was seemingly that sorry for Jon. Ned doesn't even compare. He traumatized the boys with the stuation he created/was forced into. He himself was not influenced the same way. I could imagine him being a virgn in his wedding night, but we really don't know.
  5. No one ever implied he did? The world doesn't revolve around Arya alone. He harmed other people. Including one who was willing to pay the price to have the FM take him out. Well deserved.
  6. I don't get your answer either. What stuff? Why did they need so much stuff about the Lannisters? Cause it's the story. Theon is the main reason. He is a main character. Euron is a big villain. This being interconnected is good storytelling.
  7. Euron will be an important villain, the last important human villain to be introduced. We always need those because otherwise boredom. Theon is/will be an important hero, somehow his actions will just matter for the story, because that's how you write stories. So he needs to be properly fleshed out and all, we need to see him fight for whatever position he will then be in to do whatever. I guess I don't really understand the question. Why do we need any character(group of characters) we have? Because that's what the story is.
  8. Nope, pretty sure Robb was a virgin, paniked about the very idea of making a bastard, as we know. What is more Theon didn't visit brothels either. Kyra was no prostitute, just an apparently adventurous commoner girl. Winterfell and the Winter Village were apparently full of women - how did he put it - longing for Theon's touch, Only in the show does Theon visit brothels, Robb never. Have you been reading fanfic @Graydon Hicks?
  9. 1) Robb didn't care and wouldn't care even if Ned chose to be a nagging asshole about it. Theon being a hosage does in no way devalue him as a person and with that a potential friend or whatever. Point is it's still good politics to be firends with Theon. The ward /hostage situation is very fluid, Cat says so "A ward can become a hostage quickly if neccessary". You prove your trust by giving your son somewhere as a ward because they are kinda autimatically a hostage - you can't then attack the Lord who has your son, duh. Theon was a hostage first, a ward second, but that doesn't change the whole concept completely. Robb and Theon being best friends for life would have still been great news for the North ... if Balon hadn't fucked it up. 2) Yeah, not really Robb's fault. Judged by hindsight it would have been better to keep Theon with him somehow of course, but Robb wasn't being stupid not to. He couldn't see the future. He made the best decision he could in the circumstances. Fate and Balon were not kind to him. What chance did he have to win the war otherwise? This alligiance would have been crucial to be honest. Sometimes Robb made a mistake (marrying Jeyne, probably not informing Edmure of his plan) and sometimes he was a victim of circumstances outside of his control.
  10. Uh yes,Theon is Robbs friend in every definition of the word. Wards are quite often friends, it's a side effect of living together. Friends can come in pretty handy especially if they should ever happen to be Lords of one of the 7 kingdoms. Also, having Theon as a hostage is pretty useless as Balon didn't give a shit and was going to attack the North anyway. Unless of course you have fun cutting innocent people to pieces. Your argument makes no sense.
  11. Tyrion also had absolutely no power in that situation or this situation, he just has to deal. He deals with gallows humor and cynicism . It shows that he is not actually heartless but has to use coping strategies to deal with the horror. You can tell how horrified he is by the description of the corpse. It's one of his likable characteristics IMO.
  12. Thanks! I agree both times. Never crossed my mind that Tywin sought her out on purpose. I took it as "everyone dies in this bloody war". Tyrion doesn't seem gleefull to me, but cynical.
  13. (1) The soldiers, if I have to choose. They were STARVING FOR STANNIS. They deserved food and an apology. Stannis is a despicable villain. Second place goes to Dareon, who was not executed but murdered. Arya is the criminal here (I love her at all other times, but that was cold blooded murder) It's not even a question of deserving "mercy". Obviously Lady did nothing wrong, she doesn't really fit the list anyway. Garred desrved to be sent back to the wall to tell his very interesting story. He truly deserved mercy. Mirri Maz Duur was in the right, but I get why Dany was personally pissed. It was an understandable revenge, though my sympathies lie more with Mirri. Janos Flynt and the insurance guy deserved their fate and so did the Frey if he was part of the red wedding (I assume he was?)
  14. Whoa, so what is up with this quote? Why does he say Tyrion is the villain? Of course!? I would have never guessed in the first books. Still after DwD I figured he was at a lowest point, but still a character you are "supposed to" root for. An anti-hero, maybe. Also, was he really happy the Inkeep died? Could anyone quote that? I don't have the book here. I never noticed or forgot about that.
  15. I'm saying he is a Greyjoy as much as anyone is anything. Arya for example also has to be ~herself, but she is definitely Arya STARK, of Winterfell .... and she is going home. Sorry, I'm quoting that TV show but they do get some lines right. This is a good example of how you can't claim your identity without embracing all of it, your last name, your roots. I think you could argue that what you desrcribe already happened. Theon did get stripped of his name and was forced to discover who he is without it. In a breakthrough moment he told Jyene "You know me, I'm Theon". So you could argue this is his current state at the start of WoW. But he will have to embrace that he is Theon Greyjoy of Pyke and whatever else definies his history very soon. He needs to integrate all that in his identity, a stable identety of course in which he doesn't do things he disagrees with just because he thinks "a Greyjoy" would, but nontheless a stable Greyjoy identity.