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  1. LS would have just been awesome TV and VERY memorable. No one would have been confused about that. She might not be absolutely "needed" for the plot, but she would have been entertaining, as hell, and in the end it's the job of this show to entertain. It's ridiculous to act as if every cut character is an automatic win just in itself. Cutting the sand snakes, yes, that would have been a plus. I fully approve of no Victarion, but I wish they kept Jeyne. Even a showatcher could easily notice that married kingslayer Sansa can't just go around marrying Lannister allies as she pleases. And if she can, why the hell was she hiding before? "No one pays attention to plot" is just not a satisfying explanation for me, I'm sorry. I'm also dissapointed about the lack of Aegon, but if he ends up not mattering, I guess they might be in the right. I fully assumed Jorah was ordered by Varys to protect Dany and this didn't depend on his personal feelings. Isn't it the same in the books? Doesn't Varys want a very alive Dany to marry Aegon?
  2. Why would Cersei off Pycelle?

    Exactly, he could have put two and two together in the sept, backed up Marge's intuition and endangered the plan. This really is no logical flaw.
  3. Jaimie finally gonna kill Cersei now?

    He wasn't being perfectly honest. Sure he drew from honest emotions, but he was just trying to manipulate Edmure by any means necessary. Also, the problem with emotional motivation is, once your emotions change, everything changes.
  4. Very interesting read! Thanks for the work. I feel I know Theon better with every post I read in here. He is the most amazing PoV character IMO. One small thing I just noticed in the laste post; Ramsay's not denying that his father raped his mother, nor disapproving, he just gives it a positive spin. Being smitten with someone's beauty and raping them is no contradiction - on the contrary it's the logical consequence in Ramsay's opinion. (I don't think any man would think it a contradiction, incuding all non-rapists) Influenced by his life story, Ramsay truly believes rape is great thing, he has zero negative opinions about it. This is of course one little part of what made him such a messed up monster. Something I wanted to discuss from the first page. You write that Theon doesn't get that Ironborn are religious and that is the reason he doesn't care about religion. Like he is making a mistake by not being religious. However, you seem to quite clear counter.evidence in the quote in which Theon reflects that he doesn't pray much at all, but you can't tell a priest that even if he's your uncle. Clearly he knows that religion is theoretically suppossed to be important, that he is suppossed to care about it. He just doesn't, which is really the most normal thing in any world for a young, healthy man to seek fun and glory and don't give much of a damn about any gods. It feels perfectly real and authentic. It's also not Theons problem with the Ironborn. He is right to think that being hard, manly and really good with ships are the traits he would need to impress his father and many bannermen. No one questions his faith, except Aeron, who is some kind of crazy born again zealot in the context of the Iron Islands. (And zealots pop up everywhere in the known world right now, Sparrows, Red priests...)
  5. Is bran god?

    This is for book discussion. You are not supposed to mention any new(ish) info from the tv show. I know we've all seen it, but apparently some people haven't or so the board moderators believe. I don't care how powerful Bran becomes, and I'm slightly confused why it occupies you so much. I want him to be a hero, like all my favorite characters. This series is not free of morals, neither is Bran, and neither am I.
  6. Is bran god?

    Yeah, he had a song "King's blood, fool's blood, blood on the maiden bed, but chains for the groom and chains for the guests" which is pretty descriptive! Seers everywhere. Better spoiler tag that following part! I highly disagree. Bran made clear that he wants no sacrifices. If he also starts seeking unlimited power by burning innocent people, I sure hope Jaime shows up and dutifully ends the job.
  7. Did Euron abuse Theon (spoilers for TWOW)

    Oh Gosh, now he was abused as a kid too. I hope not. I agree that seems like an extreme reaction. I also agree that a kid could work up a strong fearful aversion against a creepy madman like Euron without being personally harmed. Hm. Do we have reason to believe others in the family don't know what's behind the eyepatch? I definitely think Euron will be much of Theon's future arc, specifically I think he will kill him. That Theon will kill Euron, not the other way round! Maybe an abuse revelation could work into that, Theon fully freeing himself from victimhood. But really, we already read a lot about Theon abuse.
  8. Is bran god?

    Bran is a human with magical powers. But he is certainly what is interpreted as a god/the old gods by believers. People talk, sacrifice etc. to weirwoods and think the old gods can hear and see them and react. Now we know someone can hear, see, answer and it's people or - more generally - beings like Bran. So whatever way you look at it. Hm, why does he have to be the only one? That goes a bit far for me. Why would he foretell that Dragonstone fool the red wedding and anything? How pointless. And if he can tell the red priests what to do, why doesn't he go to an appropriate time and shout some "NO BURNING PEOPLE" sense into stupid Mel? Nah, I don't like it.
  9. Virginity: Important of Chastity in Westeros

    Oh no, the whole story is explained. Petyr definitely believed he bedded Cat, or rather she him, that's why he fought Brandon, as mentioned. Then he was hurt and Lysa comforted him again. This time he knew it was her. Therefore both their maidenheads. Also this time Lysa got pregnant and told her father - THEN Petyr was sent away, the child aborted and poor Lysa married to Jon Arryn. No one knows the truth about the first night, but Lysa. But she doesn't seem to realise that Petyr doesn't know. It's one of my favorite reveals. Littlefinger is actually telling what he believes to be the truth, who'd have ever thought! He is not trying to smear anyone. He is just showing off, deservedly as he believes.
  10. [TWOW SPOILERS] Theon I, part vi

    I thought Ahsa is planning to kill Stannis (she gave him a chance to just give Theon up, but well) and free Theon at the Weirwood. She has her two guys (or are there more? ...I'm a one time reader) and her suitor didn't seem so impressed with Stannis either, maybe he'll help. Of course most likely logical outcome is failure, but who cares, he is her little brother and she'll save him or die trying. The knowledge about Ned and the ways of the north are surprising, but I agree she could have it from the Mormont girl. It is even a likely topic for conversation with people getting burned alive in Stannis' camp. People might be motivated to discuss the superior way of excecution in their culture. Of course I hope Bran will get into the action, or already is - like in the raven, but for Asha to just be his sockpuppet with no agency of her own would be very dissapointing.
  11. Characters you like (but know you shouldn't)

    Exactly. It's just good that your opinion is so sane and unbiased! You go leading by example.   Jon Connington is another one I feel not only justified but downright supposed to root for. Why wouldn't you? Must have missed something.   And I might not really love Dany, but it does seem to be the author's intent to make us love her and would absolutely increase enjoyment of the book. Personally I was often rather dissapointed to see her name on top of a new page. I don't wish her ill in any case.
  12. Characters you like (but know you shouldn't)

    She is a poor victimized kid and a badass hero plus hilarious and she deserves eternal love by everyone.   But of course people can be wrong and have shitty taste, I don't mean to fine them or anything.
  13. Characters you like (but know you shouldn't)

    Eh, Victorian is just a brutal idiot with the completely undeveloped sense of justice of a 3 year old, but, unlike most toddlers, zero empathy. He pretty much worries if something will get him in trouble with a god or not and what he is supposed to do. Of course other people are always such meanies in his mind. I don't think pure stupidity is much of a redeeming quality, or Cersei should get that excuse as well.   I love Varys and totally think I should. Everyone should love Arya.   I'm also rooting for Sandor and Tyrion and think I should.   Only character I feel I should like less is Jamie. That ass pushed Bran and I hated him so much, but it's so hard not to be kinda over it. I guess he has an redemptive arc and maybe should be forgiven, but I'm feeling a little uncomfortable about it.
  14. Still worth it?

    I'm not someone who rereads books or rewatches TV shows. (Even with movies I only ever rewatch very very few) BUT I definitely enjoyed reading AGoT after watching the show. You absolutely can not skip that book IMO.  Everything and everyone who is important is established there.
  15. Renly Gay?

    Well, Renly actually did like dressing up and playing mummer since he's a kid, according to his old maester...