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  1. Fave moment in AFFC?

    Cersei's downfall was the first time I thought "Wow, something's finally happening!" so I loved that!   I think I rushed AFFC though cause I wanted to get through the books as quick as possible. I will definitely re-read the whole series at some point and I am convinced that I will dig it more the next time!!
  2. The Hound.... Love him or hate him?

    I love him. His history and the way he sees the world make an amazing character.
  3.   Haha, well said.   I'd be scared to start reading a book if people told me to have a notepad at hands and write down names, places and character relations before I even read the first page!   Just start reading and continue if you enjoy it...
  4. Still worth it?

    A lot of people say they enjoyed the first re-read even more than the first read so at some points you might even enjoy the "advantage" you have from having watched the show cause you will be able to focus more on all the interesting hints and information that are going on beside the plot line.   Anyways the books are great its always worth reading them no matter the circumstances
  5. Quentyn: What was the point

    If you look at it like that introducing him sounds pretty unnecessary, thats true. I enjoyed his chapters though. I think it was really interesting to learn more about Dorne and how they are involved / trying to get involved. Doran was part of the plot of saving Daenerys and Viserys and marrying her off to Khal Drogo (Arianne was promised to marry Viserys later on) and now they're sending Quentin. So I think apart from freeing the dragons and giving us information about Dorne and the free companies it was also done to make us more aware of Dorne as they seem to be scheming plans in the background all the time and are definitely gonna play a bigger role in the future.
  6. How have you started reading the aSoIaF books?

    My former flatmate told me to read the books and I obeyed
  7. Talking about differences between the books and the TV Show George RR Martin pointed out that Garlan and WIllas Tyrell (Loras' two brothers) don't exist in the TV Show but they will play big roles in the remaining two books of the series. What could their roles be? Any thoughts?
  8. Awesome! And the harp as a musical instrument being a key element of "a SONG of ice and fire" is just amazing! And obvious haha
  9. what was so disappointing about the fighting pit scene, can someone explain that to me?! loved it
  10. Still worth it?

    just read it dude