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  1. This time last year I finished the series to date, and have read a whole lot of new and totally different material in the mean time. Coming back to the world of Westeros and Essos I find myself forgetting the little bitty bits of the series that I had an intrinsic knowledge of once before. It's not that I have no wish to do a complete and utter reread, I simply don't have the time. My question is for those rereaders out there, (you know who yous are), was it worth it? did you gain extensive knowledge? or just fill in the blanks your mind ceased to remember? I want to go into Martin's new book with the knowledge I had before. This will be the first time I'm anticipating a new ASOIAF book, I only joined in on the series two years previous, so I'm no veteran, I just wanna know how you veterans out there manage to keep the fire burning before the next book? P.S - you guys gonna watch the show before the book release? or wait? - but seriously, I mean who can resist the temptation...
  2. I really enjoyed Brienne's chapters throughout this book, the whole 'I'm looking for a lady of three and ten with auburn hair' annoyance aside. But nothing in particular happened in her POV, she achieved nothing, which seems a pity for such an accomplished swordswoman - so did Lady Stonehard really kill her off that easily? Is she still alive? And what was the word she said? My first thought was 'mercy' always no spoilers from ADWD please