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  1. The show has become fan service so, yes, i think we will see Gendry again. Gendry, in my opinion, has the role of Edric Storm of the books.
  2. Yes, we have many villains in GoT general, but im talking about the Kings Landing conflict. If we should have a villain, then we should have a hero to fight him, otherwise a villain vs villain doesnt make much sense. So, if we dont have a hero we dont have a villain. We must compare the villain with the good guy to tell if he is bad or not. With this logic in Kings Landing where everyone fights for power everyone is a villain. Also, Margaery isnt a hero in my opinion, because the main conflict is between Cersei and High Sparrow.
  3. Then who is the hero who is about to fight the High Sparrow, the villain? In my opinion it doesnt make sense to have a villain without having a hero, who fights him and tries to beat him. What? Is Cersei the hero? Of course not. The High Sparrow actually looks like a saint compared to her. The answer is that no one is a villain or a hero. No one is the good guy or the bad guy. Both sides fight for victory and want to dominate against the other. Also, in the world of ice and fire we have seen a lot of terrible things. I dont think High Sparrows homophobia is such a big problem, so we can characterize him as a villain.
  4. Amazing thought, its exactly as you say.
  5. Yes, it was pretty action packed but thats not enough. Although I agree the finale was awesome and especially Kings Landing was a masterpiece, there are so many serious plotholes in the whole season. Also, the pacing was too fast.
  6. Yes, its too chliche but im afraid something like this is going to happen in the series. The show is being rushed and the writing has become lazy. However, i cant see it happening in the books. It would be something far more interesting than this.
  7. Of course he is not a villain. People are judging him because of his misogyny, homophobia etc etc, but they are forgetting that the series take place in a medieval society. Back then there were no things as gender equality or other modern rights we know today and everybody was religious. In my opinion, High Sparrow deserves our respect because from zero he reached the top, he had several victories against many nobles such as the whole house Tyrell and house Lannister of Kings Landing and he achieved to make Tommen, the king, his own puppet.
  8. Agreed, season 1 would be the best season by far if they had more budget back then. And, yes, season 5 was the worst one. So many plotholes and of course Dorne.
  9. So, rank the 6 seasons from best to worst. Here is my list: 1)Season 4 2)Season 1 3)Season 3 4)Season 6 5)Season 2 6)Season 5
  10. We saw in the 4th episode of season 6 (dont read if you havent watched it) a Bolton soldier delivering a letter to Jon in Castle Black. Its like the Pink Letter from the books, but there are some differences in its content. A Bolton seal was used and a soldier with a Bolton shield delivered it. But was it written by Ramsay? I doubt it. We never saw him writing a letter. Many other northern lords visited Winterfell in the previous episodes so they could find a Bolton seal and send a letter. The same goes for the soldier. I dont think he serves the Bolton army. These lords might took many Bolton stuff such as shields. Now with this letter they can bring Jon south to Winterfell and all together beat Ramsay (and his 20 good men). What do you think?
  11. The end of the show is near so he must die somehow. I think greyscale is a nice way. Knowing that he is dying he will try to approach Dany again and we will see some final scenes with these two.
  12. Hi, maybe this question has been asked again. I just searched and didnt find anything. If there is a similar topic just send me the link please. Ok, so my question is this: Will GRRM change the story of the upcoming books (especially Winds of Winter) due to the different version of the series? I mean is there any way he would change his story because of D&D or other reasons? And when I'm talking about other reasons I mean everything you can imagine. Or is he going to write the story as he originally plans to and without getting influenced by anything else and especially D&D?