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  1. Yeah, I know... I didn't mean to sound nitpicky. It's just that I was doing a reread and was like: Wait, Jorah lost half his ear in a fight?
  2. Seems most likely, but I don't want to believe it though. :/ I've grown accustomed to the way GRRM keeps track of everything, this just doesn't feel right.
  3. Yeah, but I was thinking about Dany and Tyrion, through which POV we mostly see Jorah.
  4. In AGOT, Mormont loses half of his ear in a fight with Qotho, but I don't recall any further mentions of this. Not that Jorah is pretty guy, but still, seems weird that it's not mentioned anywhere after...
  5. A lot of songs from Power and The Glory album by Gentle Giant, and Argus by Wishbone Ash also.