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    Jorah's ear

    Yeah, I know... I didn't mean to sound nitpicky. It's just that I was doing a reread and was like: Wait, Jorah lost half his ear in a fight?
  2. Qavo Nogarys

    Jorah's ear

    Seems most likely, but I don't want to believe it though. :/ I've grown accustomed to the way GRRM keeps track of everything, this just doesn't feel right.
  3. Qavo Nogarys

    Jorah's ear

    Yeah, but I was thinking about Dany and Tyrion, through which POV we mostly see Jorah.
  4. Qavo Nogarys

    Jorah's ear

    In AGOT, Mormont loses half of his ear in a fight with Qotho, but I don't recall any further mentions of this. Not that Jorah is pretty guy, but still, seems weird that it's not mentioned anywhere after...
  5. Qavo Nogarys

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    A lot of songs from Power and The Glory album by Gentle Giant, and Argus by Wishbone Ash also.