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  1. Also people saying it was stupid of Roose for breaking his pact with the crown . Well he was always going to do that because Tywin only temporarily made him warden of the north . He was always going to have to rebel to take the north for himself .
  2. Ned, Rob, Cersie, Olenna, Margery , The Hound, Tywin, Bronn, Ramsey. Its a hard question as they are two different mediums of entertainment so it's hard to compare them.
  3. I love the books and would take 20 episodes a season , but it's just not possible . I've liked every season so far but there certain things I would change . There are certain things I would change in the book also. People forget that normal show watchers get confused about who's who as it is now . It's just too big of a world and book to cram everyone in . I would be included in that too until I read the books . Some of the book changes totally make sense to me and I prefer them on tv. Something's haven't worked , like Dorne but overall the show is a masterpiece . With regards to awards etc, if we ignore them for a minute and just see how they've been regarded by critics , including independent ones , we see that it's universally critally aclaimed . I'm no expert but I've studied creative writing at university level and think the writing is brilliant . Is it perfect ? No. But the majority of it is excellent . One thing you would expect to be better than a book writers , is th dialogue , but Martins dialogue is exceptional and they don't seem to have matched that in some parts. It would be interesting to see how many people thought the writing was bad and isn't a book reader , just a show watcher with no bias.
  4. I said it would cheapen his resurrection if another (major) character was resurrected. But yeah what ever . I don't care for the idea of Catlyn being resurrected or for the LSH character in general . but to say 4 other characters have been resurrected is just dishonest . None of the ones you mentioned apart from Beric were resurrected .
  5. So Beric (the precedent ) and the mountain. A secondary character turned into a zombie type monster. I don't know where u got the hound being resurrected from either ? When was he dead? And no Benjen wasn't resurrected.
  6. And the lack of support after the red wedding is consistent with what people have done in history . People don't back defeated sides . They might back them in revolting.
  7. No I'm talking about important to people watching it. It gave it a defifintive end and no belief that anything good would happen to the Starks. What 4 show characters have been resurrected ? Beric, which sets the precedent . who else? The mountain ? Which became some zombie thing. Making Catlyn into LSH was stupid , glad the show cut it out .
  8. I used to be annoyed that there was no Manderley stuff in season 5, but it it gave a bigger relief for season 6 as it made season 5 seem very isolating for Sansa. Which was much better her being there then being in the Vale, but overall I would of liked to of seen more manderleys and then come to the rescue in the Botb. I would of liked to have had Roose for a bit longer too.
  9. Cutting LSH was one of the best moves by the show. When I heard about it before I read the books , I was glad , and after I read them I was even more glad. i subscribe to all the arguments that people have already made . It would of cheapened Jon Snows res and also would make the red wedding seem less important .
  10. This has now been rated the best tv episode of all time on IMDB, getting 10/10 , with over 93000 votes.
  11. One of the greatest hours of tv action ever shown . Brilliant . Genuine question . Is there anyone out there who gave it a bad score not a book reader ?
  12. He will be in episode 10 , post battle .