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  1. As a fan, it would be great if 13 episodes are clubbed together in one season. But unfortunately, it is unlikely to happen. Gonna read all the books and watch all the seasons all over again to fill the GOT void!
  2. It's certainly one of the most memorable episodes of GOT thanks to Tyrion's ranting!
  3. Stark favourite - Arya least favourite - Sansa Lannister favourite - Tyrion least favourite - Tommen ( who is supposed to a Baratheon) Baratheon favourite - Robert least favourite - Stannis Targaryen favourite - Daenerys least favourite - Viserys Tully favourite - Black Fish least favourite - Lysa Greyjoy favourite - Asha Greyjoy least favourite - Balon Martell favourite - Oberyn least favourite - Quentyn Tyrell favourite - Olenna least favourite - Mace Arryn favourite - Jon least favourite - Robert
  4. I really hate Sansa cos that girl doesn't have a spine. She keeps getting kicked from one place to another and she does absolutely niothing about it. Jon seems to be most hated character in this thread which is understandable as he is Mr.GoodyTwoShoes!
  5. He is white wolf cos he is Jon Snow of House Stark. Snow is white and since Wolf is the sigil of Starks, thus it makes Jon Snow the white wolf!
  6. Came here for the happy to know that Ramsay is dead. Long live GRRM! But a part of me is sad that GOT has lost one of its vilest villains. Felt the same when Jofferry died. Rickon dies but what happens to Shaggydog? Is he really dead as shown in the previous episodes? There were theories that the head presented by Lord Karstark was not of Shaggydog.
  7. Even I feel GRRM should have finished writing the two books, before he dived completely into the GOT series. His books gave D& D material to work on screenplay and without his books to guide them, this season has been slow and uneventful (except for few interesting comebacks).
  8. I think Gendry will return next season and I don't think he is gonna die as he is the last Baratheon left. At the end of the series, one heir from each house Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, Greyjoy, Martell, Tyrell, Tully, Arryn and Baratheon will stay alive.
  9. Agreed. It has been a very uneventful season. There are so many interesting story lines in GOT like Jon vs Ramsey war, Arya's dangerous adventures in Bravos, Bran's time travel abilities, Margery plotting against Sparrows and Cersie, Cersie plotting against House Tyrell and High Sparrow, Daenerys' revenge slavers of Meereen. But yet none of them are moving forward. The proceedings are slow, the dialogues aren't captivating as before. Hope the season catches up in the next three episodes.
  10. I don't think Arya will sell her sword. She loves it more than anything else. This made me thinking as to how she got those bags full of gold coins. Did she steal it? And now that you have mentioned, even I find it weird that Arya was just carelessly roaming around the streets of Bravos. I think they would answer all our questions in coming episodes.
  11. Lady - dead Greywind - dead Summer - dead Shaggydog - apparently dead (or not?) Nymeria - missing (God knows where she is) Ghost - missing due to expensive CGI If you thought Stark family has got a raw deal in GOT, think again. Poor dire wolves!