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  1. Is Tysha in Sothoryos?

    I don't think GRRM plans on having any POV characters visiting Sothoryos or the other continents of Planetos. I might be wrong though.
  2. N+A=D?

    There was big ass storm in Shipbreaker bay that decimated the remaining Loyalist fleet. It's certainly possible that Rhaella was on one of those boats and met a watery grave, it's not like a highborn has ever been lost at sea. Steffon Baratheon is one such person. That is assuming he's lying. He might actually believe that she was her little sister. Think about it, if a very young boy was presented an infant that looks like she might be his sister, same colour hair and eyes, then would he really argue otherwise?
  3. N+A=D?

  4. I don't know if this has already been discussed on here but Secrets of the Citadel recently uploaded a three part series which examines the theory that Ned fathered a child with Ashara Dayne however the child is not Jon but Dany. It makes for hefty viewing (all three videos combined nearly an hour) so I'll put some of the points that she made that really stuck out to me. I understand that this theory does rely on a few assumptions such as Jon being the child of Raeghar and Lyanna Stark and that Jon Arryn only wanted the Mad King disposed not the entire Targaryns. But yeah, I'm not seeing any major holes in this theory so far. TL;DW version We know from Arianne's chapter in Feast that house Dayne does produce children that have the classical Valyrian features (silver hair, purple-ish eyes). So Dany having these features does not prove in itself that she is the mad kings daughter. It's obvious that Dany's early years are incredibly vague and the stuff we do know is from her dead brother Viserys who was very young when Dany was born. It's assumed that her mother was Queen Rhaella yet there is noone left alive to verify that. Rhaella died in childbirth - but did she? There was huge storm around that time that smashed the remaining loyalist fleet and this is what could have killed Rhaella. The theory goes is that Ned conceived Dany with Ashara during Roberts Rebellion. Ned being a man of honour married her in secrecy (probably in front of a weirwood). After the tower of joy incident he couldn't bring back two bastards, one was bad enough let alone another one that "looked" like a Targ. Therefore Ned and Ashara had to do something. Either Ashara really did commit suicide or she faked her own death with the help of Ned and smuggled her infant daughter out of Dorne and into Dragonstone with the help of Jon Arryn. Jon Arryn would not refuse Ned Stark's call for help as he regarded both Ned and Robert as the sons he never had. Yet at the same time he didn't want to see the Stark-Baratheon-Tully alliance crumble but neither did he have any particular beef with the Targs it was just the Mad King he wanted removed. So it was actually Jon Arryn pulling strings abroad, possibly with the help of Illyrio and Varys, to protect Dany and Viserys. Any thoughts?
  5. All Men Must Die But Randyll's Death Is Very Close

    Missed this Doesn't the Golden Company have a detachment of war elephants from Volantis? I doubt there are many, if any, commanders in Westeros that would know how to effectively deal with them. Mace along with Randyll will get utterly destroyed. That's if Tarly doesn't betray the Tyrells it might be likely that both men turn up to the battle hoping to nip the invasion in the bud thinking it will improve their goal of gaining more power over the Lannisters. Randyll doesn't strike me as the type of man to listen to any advice on how to deal with this new foreign invader and neither will Mace. Either way the results aren't going to be pleasant. On the other hand count me another reader that wants to see Randyll Tarly get his comeuppance. Hopefully cut down by the Golden Company as he flees from the foe that he has utterly failed to crush. First into battle, first to rout!
  6. All Men Must Die But Randyll's Death Is Very Close

    Lord Thomas Stanley was playing both sides of the civil war. Interestingly enough his wife was arrested for conspiring with the Lancastrians and had her lands and titles stripped from her (Florents???) which was then given to her husband Lord Stanley to keep him loyal. It didn't work out so Richard took his son George Stanley as hostage and threatened to kill him if Stanley didn't show up at the battle of Bosworth. When he was told about the threat Richard made he responded with 'I have other sons'. Sounds very similar to what we know of Randyl although I'm not sure what he would do if Dickon was threatened with execution. He might do a Walder Frey and respond with 'I can always get another one'.,_1st_Earl_of_Derby
  7. Weird quote about the Targaryens from Tyrion ADWD

    It is said that Harren the Black's cruelty was legendary in the Seven Kingdoms....that's saying something! It does make one wonder what he was doing that was so bad that Targ dominance was preferable. Maybe the secret lies on the Gods Eye.
  8. Weird quote about the Targaryens from Tyrion ADWD

    This is something I've been thinking about as well. If the Targs did land at the wrong time at the wrong place then they would have faced the very real danger of having their dragons used against them by the Children of the Forest. Other readers have speculated that the cave that Bran and the 3 eyed Crow is in is/was the site of mass sacrifice over the centuries. And after a second re-read of that chapter I have to agree. Jojen states in the very same chapter that when a person dies their soul their everything is absorbed by the Weirwoods Question is what would happen if a dragon, dragon rider or both were absorbed by the Weirnet collective? Bran remembers seeing skeletons of giant bats in the caves so I see no reason why the Children would not be interested in adding a dragon or two to their collection. This leads me doubt that Leaf is telling the truth when she claims that the Children have not explored the caves and that there are plenty of nasty surprises below the 3 eyed crow, maybe even the Ice Spiders of Old Nan's stories.
  9. From Tyrion II of ADWD he spots the Valyrian road and gets to thinking about Targaryen expansion in general and this is what weirded me out I'm guessing Tyrion finds it peculiar that even before the Doom the Valyrians never attempted (as far as we know) to colonise the Sunset Kingdoms. I suppose this is easy to explain away it would have been very difficult and they had the Rhoynar to deal with and an already large empire in Essos. But then it gets weird - according to history they colonised Dragonstone 12 years before the Doom due to visions of the Apocalypse yet it wasn't till 100 years after that Aegon the Conqueror and his sister-wives started their conquest. So the question is: they had the power (dragons) and they were literally next door to the Stormlands so why didn't the descendants of the Targaryen survivors try to take Westeros earlier? The Valyrians weren't exactly a peaceful people so what was holding them back?
  10. Things you want to see in the next books (NO SPOILERS)

    Clegane bowl Roose Bolton leaving Ramsay to die out in the snows against Stannis's army. Ayra escaping the HoB&W and maybe helping along the death of Roose (or Ramsay) Bolton...maybe a lil bit of Basilik blood in the dogs food More of House Royce POV of either Valyria or Asshai
  11. Which cities will get sacked in the future?

    Lannisport? Lemme guess....Dany?
  12. Changed your mind

    Used to think that Doran Martell wanted Quentyn to fetch him some dragons for Dorne. Now I think that he only wants Quentyn and his Ironwood mates far away from Westeros as possible. Used to think that Aegon was a true targ, now I'm bought on the idea that he's a Blackfyre and that he's Illyrio's son born from his long dead wife Serra.
  13. We all know that the next book in the series is going to be darker than the previous ones. I think one of the reasons why is that the main POV characters will witness a lot of bloodshed and depravity and I think another city sacking like what happened at Kings Landing is on the cards. But which city or cities? Oldtown - We know Euron and his reavers are lurking about nearby and the sample chapter of Aeron suggests that he's planning something magical to blow away the Redwynne and Oldtown fleets. Most of the Lannisters are too busy holding Kings Landing together and the Tyrells have already been weakened by Euron's attacks on the Reach so if Euron wins the battle at sea Oldtown is likely a sitting duck. Volantis - With Khal Pono upriver waiting (for something) and with the Volantis navy en route to join the war against Dany the city is another sitting duck. Pirates coming out of the Basilik isles could raid the coast whilst the Dothraki up north of the city could attack now that they know the Golden Company are also far away. What do other people think?
  14. Just read the most confusing chapter....

    Theon tried to please his family, believing that family trumps all despite them being total strangers to you. Same thing is happening in the Quentyn storyline but on a slightly bigger scale. Quentyn will go to any impossible lengths to please his father (who also hasn't seen him for a long time) including risk his life to sail to a foreign land which is racked with war and famine. Nevermind it being a land he knows next to nothing about and that he'd rather go home and bang Yronwood's daughter. Arch doesn't want to hurt his friend but at the same time it's unlikely that he'll want to disobey his father Lord Anders Yronwood. I don't think any of the Yronwoods want Quentyn to come to any harm but they don't exactly want him to succeed in bringing dragons back thus making house Martells dominance over Dorne all the more stronger.
  15. Just read the most confusing chapter....

    Theon Greyjoy was also best friends with Robb Stark. We all know how that turned out!