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  1. I think it all depends if he feels that Tyrion is going to be a threat, Bronn already has demonstrated that he doesn't have problems with killing children if he gets paid hence the infamous 'how much?' question to Tyrion Lannister in CoK and the subtle suggestion that they should assassinate Joff and install Tommen.
  2. Euron is shaping out to be the 'apex predator' of the series. The very worst of the evildoers in a series that already has some pretty memorable complete monsters. GOT gave us Joff + The Mountain and then Vargo Hoat and Lord Twyin only to have them slowly replaced with the Freys, Boltons, people who are much worse. Now we're at the point where it looks as if even Ramsay is to be replaced with a vicious pirate who thrived at a life of rape of pillage in the very worst parts of Essos. That's even if you discount the theories surrounding him that he's a powerful skinchanger and that he's been to Valyria.
  3. I really like the theory that Lann the Clever was actually a descendant of the Great Empire of the Dawn from Far Eastern Essos/Asshai. The links are pretty tenuous but it is interesting that Lann has blonde hair, which seems to be an Andal specific trait whilst there's that quote saying Lann came from the east instead of the traditional narrow sea migration that the Andals undertook much later. Plus there's the green eye colour (Jade emperor) and the fact that he's a skinchanger. It's been theorised that The Great Empire was a nation of powerful skinchangers and the emperors were the most powerful amongst them as they could skinchange dragons. Skinchanging a wild lion should be a walk in the park by comparison.
  4. Another PJ fan. Really enjoy his analysis even though some of his theories ruffle a few feathers. I like IdeasofIceandFire as well along with Secrets of the Citadel and Alt Shift X.
  5. There's a theory that Arya will die and become one with Nymeria and there she'll find peace presiding over her wolfpack. Part of the bittersweet ending that Martin has promised.
  6. Because she's a moron
  7. Exactly. He went from an uncaring sister-fucker to someone who is at least trying to do the right thing. As demonstrated from the trebuchet threat to Edmure, an act which stopped Riverrun from becoming an absolute bloodbath, even if the method was most distasteful.
  8. I always read Jamie's chapters as an exploration of the nature of 'doing the right thing' even though it's not the 'moral' or 'correct' decision. Especially when you compare them to Barristan's chapters who did whatever he was told to do even if it troubled him deep down. If he kills Lady Stoneheart he'll kill the one woman who showed him mercy during the WOTFK even though Stoneheart wants to see him hang. If Cersei goes full batshit insane and becomes the Mad Queen Jamie may again have to become the kinslayer to save the realm. Which falls nicely into another theme of the series of history repeating itself time after time. All guesswork of course. As someone has already said his story could go anyway at the point where Dance ended.
  9. Let's play D&D morality (sue me). Lawful evil Tywin Lannister - super controlling to the point of sadism and knowingly used terror tactics during TWOTFK Roose Bolton - Loves his quiet and peaceful land so he can get on with his fox hunting with a little rape on the side The Slavers - All they care about is money. Humans are just tools and resources to be bought and sold Neutral evil Littlefinger - Only cares about number one and changes loyalties at the drop of a hat Chaotic evil Ramsay Bolton - where to begin? Gregor clegane - The frothing dog of the westerlands. Along with his "pet rats" who are just as bad. Euron Greyjoy - maddest of them all and a paedophile to boat.
  10. Point taken although your comment is unintentionally hilarious as the series is set in a world with powerful psychic-based magic written by an sci-fi author. Anyway...back to the topic GRRM has actually answered the OP original point about the male gaze. In which he says this.. Well there you have it. He has a male gaze because....he is a male heterosexual, and he's honest about what he's comfortable and not comfortable writing about. But he's also open to the possibility of there being a gay sex scene. Watch this space.
  11. It might be because even the faintest whiff of bi/homosexuality in men is not tolerated in Westeros.
  12. Found this a while back but didn't put much stock in to it. It does seem a stretch that Patch is the general of the Others but it's an interesting link that he might have infected little Shireen with greyscale due to his exposure to the sea, but then again, where is Patches' disfigurement?
  13. Quaithe has a dreamlike quality in the fifth book and the other handmaidens can't see her and wonder who Dany is talking to. All of this strongly hints towards a glass candle being used and there's one place that's (relatively) close to Dany that does have them and that's Qarth which is where Quaithe was last physically seen.
  14. I think it's more likely that PJ's theory that Lem Lemoncloak is Richard Lonmouth is correct as the Ghost of Highheart seems to twice associate him with kisses and skulls.
  15. @Seams Carrying on from the theme of children dying and the senseless nature of war with some real nasty quotes Varys to Ned Tyrion checking his privilege