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  1. that creature is dangerous... Found this a while back but didn't put much stock in to it. It does seem a stretch that Patch is the general of the Others but it's an interesting link that he might have infected little Shireen with greyscale due to his exposure to the sea, but then again, where is Patches' disfigurement?
  2. Quaithe Doesn't Exist (SPOILERS ALL)

    Quaithe has a dreamlike quality in the fifth book and the other handmaidens can't see her and wonder who Dany is talking to. All of this strongly hints towards a glass candle being used and there's one place that's (relatively) close to Dany that does have them and that's Qarth which is where Quaithe was last physically seen.
  3. that creature is dangerous...

    I think it's more likely that PJ's theory that Lem Lemoncloak is Richard Lonmouth is correct as the Ghost of Highheart seems to twice associate him with kisses and skulls.
  4. One Sentence Overarching Themes

    @Seams Carrying on from the theme of children dying and the senseless nature of war with some real nasty quotes Varys to Ned Tyrion checking his privilege
  5. Stygai

    Mel says a lot of things. So I'm not so sure it will be her.
  6. War Crimes and Guest Rights

    For it to be a war crime don't the parties (countries) involved have to already have an agreed upon code of conduct? Eg: not using weapons of mass destruction, not sacking a city that has already surrendered, avoiding neutral territories etc... I'm no expert but I'm sure that the medieval world didn't have a concept of war crimes and any atrocities were met with "it's just war, mate!" and anything goes was the order of the day.
  7. Oily black stone

    We've still got two books to go. Could be anyone's guess what it is. I'm guessing it could be a primitive version of the blackstone that the Valyrian's used. Or it could be the other way round if you subscribe to the theory that an older race/empire taught the Valyrian's dragon riding and stonecraft (magic). We also have two POV characters nearby an oily black stone place: the Hightower. So I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss the oily black stone GRRM is a bugger for putting in details that seem insignificant at first.
  8. One Sentence Overarching Themes

    "In peace, sons bury their fathers. In war, fathers bury their sons." - Herodotus Pretty fitting for a series that is essentially anti-war written by a conscientious objector no less.
  9. Stygai

    The first dragons came from beyond the Shadowlands, Asshai and the Jade Sea so something pretty nasty must have happened around that particular area. I suspect that although the characters won't exactly visit the area someone maybe Bran or Dany will learn something via skinchanging, collective conscious, magic etc.. that explains why the area is so messed up. Perhaps the secret is lying somewhere in Stygai the corpse of an empire that were once dragon riders like the Valyrians themselves, it could even be that the Valyrians and Asshai'i were once even the same people.
  10. I always read Westeros as an enlarged version of the British Isles mashed together and stretched so it as large as the continent of North America giving it massive climate and habitat variation. The area around Last Hearth/The Gift seems to be a mix between tundra and taiga with pinewood forest appearing as you head down south. The far south around the Reach to the very end at Sunspear feels like a continental Europe southern Spain/France. And bog/swamps did indeed exist in Europe - the Celts were fond of sacrificing people to the bogs. Tollund man is a famous example. Plus I remember hearing that king Henry the Eighth contracted malaria in his youth.
  11. Best ASOIAF YouTube videos?

    I for one have really enjoyed Preston's 'What you are missing series' and can't wait for his next installment now that he's got up to season 5
  12. Best ASOIAF YouTube videos?

    Preston Jacobs and Alt Shift X mostly. I occasionally watch IdeasOfIceAndFire and Secrets of the Citadel
  13. Let's talk about Tysha and Lannister soldiers

    Guilt. Lots of it.
  14. Let's talk about Tysha and Lannister soldiers

    It is entirely possible that Tyrion is internally demonising his already despised father. Yes the gang rape was vile but as readers when we first learn about the rape of Tysha it's through Tyrion's POV in AGoT when he and Bronn are traveling through the Vale. It's Tyrion recalling the events and telling Bronn about it. So it's likely that Tysha was raped repeatedly but not a 100 times as Tyrion's the unreliable narrator thinks.
  15. So, metal...

    The way I read the Donal Noye quote was that Donal was a blacksmith that understood the qualities of metal and how to use them. Therefore maybe we should look at the quote as how people use the Barra brothers and how they in turn use the people around them. I should take this moment to say that I am no expert in blacksmith technique! Robert was steel as that he was tried and tested in battle and had good social skills but once he got what he wanted (sort of) he disregarded others and let the kingdom rot whilst he whored and drank his days away. Steel is hard and dependable and has the highest melting point compared to the other metals. Robert was the most stubborn and independent of the brothers being the eldest and used to having his own way so very few people were able to work with him. Stannis is iron and breaks before bending. He broke because, in his mind, Robert always had the best of everything and he was the morose, middle child with the inferiority complex. His childhood wounds were salted after he felt ignored by the small council and was not given much credit for holding Storms End during the Roberts Rebellion. This made him easily manipulated by the charismatic Mel and her worship of the Lord of Light. Figuratively the fires of the Lord of Light have softened and reshaped him into the weapon that does the Lord's/Mel's work. Renly the little we saw of him he seemed to have waaay more social skills than Stann and had the most popular appeal amongst the lords (and ladies). But as Noye points out he was copper which is easily melted down and thus Renly is the first to fall in a war that he seems to be over confident in. Renly's confidence and attempted political maneuvering with Ned even makes me wonder if Renly had Loras/Margery whispering in his ear telling him what to do and how to do it.