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  1. CornishDornish

    Lollys Stokeworth's Rape

    I think it all depends if he feels that Tyrion is going to be a threat, Bronn already has demonstrated that he doesn't have problems with killing children if he gets paid hence the infamous 'how much?' question to Tyrion Lannister in CoK and the subtle suggestion that they should assassinate Joff and install Tommen.
  2. CornishDornish

    Euron's improtance? Good character?

    Euron is shaping out to be the 'apex predator' of the series. The very worst of the evildoers in a series that already has some pretty memorable complete monsters. GOT gave us Joff + The Mountain and then Vargo Hoat and Lord Twyin only to have them slowly replaced with the Freys, Boltons, people who are much worse. Now we're at the point where it looks as if even Ramsay is to be replaced with a vicious pirate who thrived at a life of rape of pillage in the very worst parts of Essos. That's even if you discount the theories surrounding him that he's a powerful skinchanger and that he's been to Valyria.
  3. CornishDornish

    Lann the Clever and Greenseer Magic

    I really like the theory that Lann the Clever was actually a descendant of the Great Empire of the Dawn from Far Eastern Essos/Asshai. The links are pretty tenuous but it is interesting that Lann has blonde hair, which seems to be an Andal specific trait whilst there's that quote saying Lann came from the east instead of the traditional narrow sea migration that the Andals undertook much later. Plus there's the green eye colour (Jade emperor) and the fact that he's a skinchanger. It's been theorised that The Great Empire was a nation of powerful skinchangers and the emperors were the most powerful amongst them as they could skinchange dragons. Skinchanging a wild lion should be a walk in the park by comparison.
  4. CornishDornish

    Why Cersei didn't break prophecy by getting pregnant for the fourth time?

    Because she's a moron
  5. CornishDornish

    Evil People

    Let's play D&D morality (sue me). Lawful evil Tywin Lannister - super controlling to the point of sadism and knowingly used terror tactics during TWOTFK Roose Bolton - Loves his quiet and peaceful land so he can get on with his fox hunting with a little rape on the side The Slavers - All they care about is money. Humans are just tools and resources to be bought and sold Neutral evil Littlefinger - Only cares about number one and changes loyalties at the drop of a hat Chaotic evil Ramsay Bolton - where to begin? Gregor clegane - The frothing dog of the westerlands. Along with his "pet rats" who are just as bad. Euron Greyjoy - maddest of them all and a paedophile to boat.
  6. I always read Westeros as an enlarged version of the British Isles mashed together and stretched so it as large as the continent of North America giving it massive climate and habitat variation. The area around Last Hearth/The Gift seems to be a mix between tundra and taiga with pinewood forest appearing as you head down south. The far south around the Reach to the very end at Sunspear feels like a continental Europe southern Spain/France. And bog/swamps did indeed exist in Europe - the Celts were fond of sacrificing people to the bogs. Tollund man is a famous example. Plus I remember hearing that king Henry the Eighth contracted malaria in his youth.
  7. CornishDornish

    All Men Must Die But Randyll's Death Is Very Close

    Missed this Doesn't the Golden Company have a detachment of war elephants from Volantis? I doubt there are many, if any, commanders in Westeros that would know how to effectively deal with them. Mace along with Randyll will get utterly destroyed. That's if Tarly doesn't betray the Tyrells it might be likely that both men turn up to the battle hoping to nip the invasion in the bud thinking it will improve their goal of gaining more power over the Lannisters. Randyll doesn't strike me as the type of man to listen to any advice on how to deal with this new foreign invader and neither will Mace. Either way the results aren't going to be pleasant. On the other hand count me another reader that wants to see Randyll Tarly get his comeuppance. Hopefully cut down by the Golden Company as he flees from the foe that he has utterly failed to crush. First into battle, first to rout!
  8. CornishDornish

    All Men Must Die But Randyll's Death Is Very Close

    Lord Thomas Stanley was playing both sides of the civil war. Interestingly enough his wife was arrested for conspiring with the Lancastrians and had her lands and titles stripped from her (Florents???) which was then given to her husband Lord Stanley to keep him loyal. It didn't work out so Richard took his son George Stanley as hostage and threatened to kill him if Stanley didn't show up at the battle of Bosworth. When he was told about the threat Richard made he responded with 'I have other sons'. Sounds very similar to what we know of Randyl although I'm not sure what he would do if Dickon was threatened with execution. He might do a Walder Frey and respond with 'I can always get another one'. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Stanley,_1st_Earl_of_Derby
  9. CornishDornish

    Minor characters you found yourself liking

    Shagga Son of Dolf! Everything said or said by this man is hilarious - despite him being a monstrous thug of a man. Salladhor Saan infamous pirate and a snappy dresser. Pre Blackwater Bay dreams of nailing Cersei and dinning in Kings Landing whilst making Tyrion his court jester. Shoudn't laugh at that but my sympathy for the Lannisters was low at the beginning of CoK. Butterbumps. He's a fool! He's not creepy like Patchface, or a moron like Dontos but he can belch feathers, sing on his head and lay eggs. What's not to like? Moon Boy. Probably did f*** Cersei and probably is one of Littlefingers/Vary's agents, or possibly even Doran's. Donal Noye. This guy is just badass personified. He died taking on Mag the Mighty but not before taking Mag out! Probably ate his own arm during the siege of Storms End. Also brought Jon down to brass tacks and made him into the man we saw before he died.