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  1. True, and maybe that's where the flaw in my line of thinking is. However, if Qyburn's process was less magic and spells, and more medicine, that may explain where there were not the shadows in the black cells. But I could be wrong.
  2. I made a post about a month or so ago bringing up a similar topic. I posited that there is a connection between what MMD did to Drogo and what Qyburn did to The Mountain, and that Drogo was only a step or two from being turned into, or something similar, to whatever is it is that Gregor Clegane became, AKA Ser Robert Strong. Remember, both MMD and Qyburn learned from Archmaester Marwyn. What, exactly either learned is not entirely clear at this point so we can only make (hopefully) educated guesses. Did MMD teach Marwyn something about spells, resurrecting or sustaining life? Or did MMD learn some type of life sustaining secrets from Marwyn? Which ever one is true, Qyburn had that knowledge passed to him and used it on The Mountain. I believe Marwyn may have discovered some connection "behind the scenes" (so to speak) between their (Maesters) science and medicine knowledge and the magic concerning life force, and the ability to resurrect or suspend their natural death. What happens afterwards to turn them more into a mindless wight, who knows. Is Ser Robert Strong more like an ice wight or something else entirely? To piggyback off that, I'm wondering if the magic is not quite as elemental as we're led to believe; that it exists as it's own entity or force, and humans have attributed the earth elements to it. It could even be that you have to use those elemental attributes to tap into it, so it might be that magic abilities are not necessarily genetic as we thought.
  3. I believe volcanoes play an active part. There is what appears to be a throwaway line from GoT in Dany's second to last chapter before the dragons hatch. One of her handmaids (don't remember which) was filling up the basin to prepare a bath and the water is described as smelling like sulfur. There have been a few threads on the topic, and this was the first one that popped up when I typed "volcanoes" in the search box. This may help. Or not.
  4. Ghost grass:
  5. I don't think he will either. I think, like others on this thread are saying, that it would be revealed by Bran but Howland will corroborate. I think Bran is going to have his own issues with people accepting that it is in fact him, since he's been presumed dead for some time now.
  6. Nothing to crazy here but I had thought watching the most recent trailer: If Arya is in The Riverlands and making her way north, she more than likely will travel through The Neck to get there. Since the Bolton's no longer rule in The North (and presumably no longer hold Moat Cailin) then it would be reasonably safe to assume the Reeds will be back in their castle. If Arya reunites with Nymeria before she reaches The Neck, she will be traveling through with the direwolf as her companion. I predict that either Reed himself or his scouts will find her with Nymeria in tow, and that's how we'll meet* Howland Reed. Howland appears to be one of the only people privy to Jon's parentage; do you think he'll tell Arya? That is assuming this ever happens. *excluding The Tower of Joy flashback.
  7. GRRM did reveal that Brienne is a descendant of Dunk.
  8. Nice, thanks! I will definitely be checking these out.
  9. I have no idea, honestly. It's been a bit since I read AFfC, and I recently started my re-read of the series and I'm only about 100 pages into ASoS. I'll get back to you in a monthish on that one, lol. Based on that line you quoted though, I wonder if Gregor was given something similar by Qyburn. AFfC was my least favorite of the five so far, and thusly I didn't retain nearly as much about that book as I did with the others. Just lurking on these forums has greatly heightened my curiosity concerning AFfC though, so I'm looking forward to get more in-depth with my second read.
  10. I feel like Drogo, with the right magic/medicine, was no more than a few steps away from being turned into whatever it was Gregor became. Coldhands, who I honestly forgot about while making this post, is another interesting case. He's more like Catelyn/Lady Stoneheart and Beric, but more than likely was brought back with a different method. I do like the idea of two polar extremes of magic, with the other elements (water, earth, air) being "shades", so to speak, of those two main types. It seems that despite the different forms of magic, all of them can be utilized in similar ways, to achieve similar goals. This leads back to my original question of is the magic elemental, or does the magic exist on it's own, with humans attributing the elements to the practice of magic.
  11. I was pretty skeptical of the idea until reading this; I can dig it.
  12. Interesting. A maegi "forcing" skin changing into someone who is not, as far we know, a skin changer.
  13. I forgot to bring Marwyn into the discussion when I posted this originally. I hope we will learn more about him in TWOW. Maybe he is the one who has found the connection between medicine and magic bringing back a life force?
  14. True, I suppose they never really did die. I was thinking a little too deep into the subject and overlooked that. Ooops! Although we don't know what happened to Sandor quite yet. Still, those two were damn near dead, and we don't know at this point if Gregor actually died or not before his transformation into Robert Strong. That might've been exactly what Qyburn needed to do his thing. I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that what Mirri did, preserve Drogo's life, wasn't far off from the necromancy we see being performed, and she could've done the same or similar spell to bring him back had he died. So, my questions and my points still stand, albeit the content of what they're based on has changed a bit, and may even detract a bit from it. Personally, I'm still not fully convinced that wights are being skin changed, but we still don't know much of anything about how The Others do what they do. I wonder if it's somewhere between skin changing and necromancy.
  15. Let me preface this by stating that this isn't an exceptionally deep post or subject matter here; you won't be finding quotes or cross-references or tenuous connections within the text; this is just me positing about necromancy and the effects it has on the individual. We've seen Beric and Cat brought back through "The Lord of Light". Contrast that with Gregor and Drogo who were brought back under entirely different methods. The latter through sorcery, like Cat and Beric, and the former (as far as we know) through medicine. It seems different methods result in the "resurrectees" behaving, well, differently. Beric and Cat were still very much self-aware and able to walk, talk, think and act on those thoughts, while Drogo and Clegane were more catatonic and in a trance-like state; they were "alive" in the literal sense of the word, but devoid of anything seemingly human. Drogo just lay there (we know he didn't do that with Dany, ayooooooo! ), and the people around "Robert Strong" comment about his never speaking, eating, drinking or using the privy. Out of these examples, the resurrections of Drogo and Clegane aren't all that different with how it left them. Drogo was not all that far off from ending up like Sandor, and that in the "right" hands, it's possible he could be turned into a obsequious killing machine, and that somehow, either through the methods of resurrection or because of the intent of the person behind the resurrection, any person being brought back can end up like this. Compare this with what we know about wights: Jon and Mormont believe Othor knew and remembered Jeor and was targeting him specifically, which leads us to believe they have some form of self-awareness and remembrance of things pre-resurrection. However, they are clearly in a trance-like state, more than likely put in place by The Others with their magic. It seems as if Qybrun, and almost Mirri for that matter (whether she was intending this or not or if it could've ever happened we won't know), found some type of balance. This leads to the question: Has Qyburn found some type of connection between medicine and magic, where the two overlap in some fashion and can be used in the same or similar regard? Also, as stated earlier, is how they come back dependent on the method, or the intent of the person resurrecting? A combination of both? I wonder if the magic in ASOIAF is not necessarily various types, but rather it exists independently on it's own, and the yielders of magic have turned it into what we see in the series, i.e., ice, fire, water, etc., magic. Thoughts? One of the most intriguing things to me in this series is the necromancy, the different ways it's been used, and I hope we get to learn more about in the coming books.