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  1. @Lord Varys i don't see Euron or Cercei wanting an alliance for several reasons. Cercei, although dilusional, must realise her position is significantly weaker than the Tyrells'. The Reach can answer a Euron-Cercei alliance by invading the Westerlands by the 40k around Hightower/Brightwater. They are at war with the IB. If Cercei would align with Euron the Reach have Casus Belli to take KL and the Westerlands in one fell swoop. Also Euron would lose two possible targets by marrying Cercei while gaining barely anything. He can't act towards Dorne since Cercei would never sacrifice Mycella and the Westerlands are his allies then. Euron also likely loses the possible alliance with Dany. He gains nothing except legitimacy, something he is unlikely to value.
  2. @Megorova @Lady Blizzardborn Although I always expected the dragon egg to be payment for the FM that supposedly killed Balon I did not consider that he/Pate might be still in Euron's services. I doubt Old Town would fall through an FM for instance killing Baelor and Leyton, taking Baelor's face and surrendering. it is clear that the Hightowers are preparing for war @Lady Blizzardborn. Humphrey Hightower is in Lys(?) trying to enlist sellswords/ships. Garth is training the army/City and Baelor is doing something useful to I can't remember now. I expect Old Town to be well prepared and warned by raven from either the Blackcrown or the Three Towers when the IB sail up the Whispering Sound.
  3. True that Old Town/Hightower might surrender to his demands in the benefit of trade. That is what the Hightowers are known for and how they became and remained successful. I do not however see anyone else really subjecting to Euron. The Reach are at war with him, The Lannisters can do nothing, Dorne has nothing for him and supports Aegon soon enough. (f)Aegon holds the Storm Lands and Dany will come sometime. Also winter will hit the Iron Ilands too, making it necessary to come back before winter truly hits or not coming home till summer (which is expected to be years). Knowing that Euron is no real long term threat (he will never rule the 7K) might cause Hightower to fight him instead of letting it happen.
  4. I was afraid the TWOW were responsible for this believe in Euron. Feel free to mention that in this topic. Since I watched that which cannot be named before reading the books I don't mind a small spoiler so much as I don't want to read what is probably the best (because GGRM already wrote it) chapters of the next books. So if you have the answer @The Fattest Leech feel free to mention it.
  5. I would start to say I have not read any of the WOW chapters released and if the answer to these questions is contained in those chapters I'm sorry for posting a useless topic. As a long-time lurker on this beloved forum I've seen many people state that Euron will take/sack Old Town or at least do some serious damage to the city/the Hightowers. Although the pressing danger to Old Town is a very interesting plot (IMO) I do not understand where this 'faith' in Euron's skill comes from. Conquering a city by water is always difficult. Especially a city as wealthy (thus well equipped) and populous (thus 40K people throwing rocks or bolts) as Old Town. It has serious tactical advantages, namely it's fortified position and the fact that a lack of supply over water is of less importance since they have access to the Honeywine and the fertile Reach lands. An extensive siege would definitely end in a victory of the Reach. If the Iron Born are trapped on the Whispering Sound by the Redwyne Fleet the demise of Euron's Fleet is almost inevitable. Although we've seen Euron's being a great captain of a single ship, and a smart strategist by surprising the Lannisters in Lannisport during the Uprising, we've never seen any significant battle tactics of him. His only strategy is: surprise. He surprised Balon, the Shields, Victarion (although his own shadow could surprise a man as thick as him;)) The assumption is made that he would crush Redwyne in a naval battle, but even that is not an absolute certainty. And without the Redwyne Fleet Old Town should be capable of holding out long enough before Euron loses face and power or someone aiding Old Town His proven magical capabilities thus far extend to taking hallucinogenic drugs. Old Town on the other hand has the (potential) numbers, the wealth to acquire sellswords, Hightower connections in the Free Cities, a significant academic advantage and a more reliable source of mystical powers in the Citadel and perhaps Leyton or the Mad Maid. They have strong leadership in Breakspear and Garth Greysteel. They have connections to the Tyrells, Florents, Rowans, Ambrose, Redwyne and Fossoways. I'm not claiming Euron will lose. I just think that Euron sinking to the bottom of the Whispering Sound in his Valyrian Steel armour is just as likely as Old Town burning down. Am I missing something?
  6. I might be responding prematurely but I love this thread about my favourite character and am too impatient to read every single post before replying. @LynnS As lord Varys has also explained there is little to no evidence for the KG being in service to 'the Crown' as the Brits would say and not to the King. Jaime and Barristan's discussion during Aerys' II rape the day before Rhaella (IIRC) leaves for Dragonstone (and probably Dany'e conception) shows rather clearly that although the vows of the KG may extend to the royal Familie they are sworn to protect the King first. Also your comparisons with Midieval Europe/UK is not a fair one to make. The Church was incredibly more powerful than the Church of Seven are. The Church could declare you outside of the law, they have the authority to allow divorce and more important the Kings claimed they're right to rule was derivative of God(i.e the Church). Many a war has been fought over wether or not the pope or the king had the last word on God's will. Also in the late Middle Ages the UK became the head of the Anglosakson church. Therefore they were anointed by the church just to ensure absolute sovereignty. To me the annointment by the church of the Westerosi Kings is far more reminiscent of the coronation of Napoleon I, who was crowned emperor by a Pope. They need to be crowned by a seemingly independent power, since all power in Westeros is derived of the King now. In the 7K the King appoints the High Septon, the King has the authority to dissolve marriages, etc. @Lord Varys I strongly doubt the possibility of a prospected KG knight to reject the offer to become a KG. Even if such a thing would be possible, would a 15/16 y.o. have the balls to refuse the king, how mad he may be. Maybe if Tywin had been at HH, as the 3rd/2nd most powerful person in the Kingdom, Jaime would have had the balls to refuse. However this would have probably lead to war, and Tywin wouldn't refuse until he was bound to the Baratheon, Stark, Arryn, Tully block. But with Tywin absent, Jaime had no choice but to become a KG
  7. @ShadowCat Rivers describing white males as a 'kind' who have a 'ideology' blatantly shows a kind of racism not appreciated on this forum by any. But I would much rather discuss the topic at hand. I like Bobby B a lot more because of his dislikes. Aegon I is history, Robert I is a person.
  8. R+L=J Aegon=fAegon Bloodraven=3EC=good Euron will drown before the walls of Old Town in his VS armour, because Leyton Hightower + Citadel have discovered gunpowder/Planetos equivalent. They saw you needed Dragons to rule peacefully and developed the next best thin.
  9. I think everybody who started reading after the show began, like me, are pretty much influenced in pronunciation and accent by the show. However, Sansa clearly has a Californian, LA-Valley accent. Especially when she's complaining.
  10. Followers of the Many Faced God do clearly see death as a noble sacrifice. One that is a gift to be given. However the FM don't give the Gift to themselves, they give it to those they deem deserving. Such as the sick, those unwilling to live on, to those wanted dead or bad people. Therefore your theory caused a thought to spring up. What if the FM were the ones sacrificing the slaves to the Fourteen Flames for the Valyrians. But after a certain time, a generation of FM developed more believes and deemed the slaves too unwilling or undeserving of the Gift of death. So instead of sacrificing living slaves, they gave them the poison, currently in the fountain of the HoBW. This caused the eventual Doom. This would be a possible explanation for their current believes, the suspicions that they were involved with the origin of Braavos, a state opposing slavery. The FM who defected to Braavos could have caused the Doom by infiltrating the FM who were loyal to Valyria to stop the sacrificing of slaves. This infiltration could be where the stealing faces came from. Just a strange thought that I wanted to share with you!
  11. @Lyanna<3Rhaegar I agree completely with your interpretation of the effects Bran may have on the past. I think he will not be able to change anything that already happened, I think he could have (in the future) caused things in the past to happen. To take the example by the OP, the leaves rustled and the wind blew years before Bran actually said 'Father'. But it still happened anyway. Years before Bran was born and awakened, he had already said those things. So he's affecting the past, but in no way shifting the past from anything that already happened. I think all the events are already set in stone. Everything happened, happens, and will happen and Bran's effect in those deeds has already occurred. Therefore I really appreciate your example with the Mad King. He was already mad, even though future Bran perhaps caused that madness. @Macgregor of the North ( Glad to see you on the forum again! During my long time as a 'lurker' you were one of my favourite contributors). I agree that your example is the closest thing we have to absolute certainty that Bran can cause something in the past, I still do not qualify this as absolute certainty. Although I very much lean exactly in the same direction you do, I would like to play a little devil's advocate. Is it not Bran's own perception that his words are the wind and the rustling leaves? It could be still just one 'witness' perceiving that 'absolute reality'. Is it possible that he altered the perception of the reality/past event without actually altering them. Is it possible that he sees Ned looking at the tree, but he didn't actually do that. Like a dream about something that happened, in which you have control over the events in the dream, but not over the actual events. Is this causation or correlation. Did Ned look at the tree because of Bran, or did he look and Bran thinks he looked at him, but he didn't. If Ned looked at the tree because of Bran's words, does that mean that Bran was predetermined to say those words, since Ned has already looked years before he said them. Did he then actually have a choice to not say those words. Because that would mean that if he hadn't said them, his dad wouldn't have reacted if his words caused that reaction? I doubt GRRM would like a story in which characters have no choice.
  12. Could you please delete your show spoilers and discussion @Caterina Sforza
  13. I thought every Westerosi knight was at least in form a knight of the seven since they swear a vow to the seven. Clearly not all of these knights are (devout) followers of the Seven. I never realized/considered he was a warrior priest (which seems to be really similar to a knight sworn to R'hollor) and not a priest+Westerosi knight. So if Beric has knighted all the BWB as knight of the hollow hill, swearing their oaths to the Red God, they might not be automatically considered knights by the rest of the realm right?
  14. Thank you all for your answers! It confirmed my suspicions that a knighthood can be awarded for anything and everything. @Curled Finger wasn't Thoros knighted for the Siege of Pyke and him being through the wall first. The fact he's a Priest of R'hollor is pretty weird if he's a 'Knight of the Seven'.
  15. Since I lack (and envy) the encyclopedic knowledge some of this forum's most active users have, I thought I'd pose my relatively simple question to them. Does being granted a knighthood/being knighted require specific deeds, such as showing prowess on the battlefield or in a tourney? Jaime was knighted after a tourney, Bron after the Blackwater, Davos after the siege of Storm's End etc. But could a knight/lord grant a knighthood to a talented swordsman, a really loyal squire or a lesser son of a lord, not based on a specific showcase of merit, but on their general skill etc. Something like this could have for instance happened to Beric Dondarion or Garth Greysteel Hightower. This question popped into my brain when someone put forward the notion of the Tourney of the Hand being held partially to be able to knight the Hound. Thanks!